Fire Battalion Chief - Hrs

Avarage Salary
based on 30 payrolls
Number of People By Income
$41k - $90k
$90k - $138k
$138k - $186k
$186k - $235k
$235k - $283k
$283k - $331k
$331k - $380k
$380k - $428k
$428k - $476k
$476k - $0.5M
Best Paid In
1. Anaheim , CA$424,621
2. Lodi , CA$308,933
3. City of Grand Prairie , TX$170,697
4. City of El Paso , TX$108,293

Fire Battalion Chief - Hrs - employees list 30

Chadwyn Thompson S
Anaheim, CA$524,808
Chadwyn Thompson SCAAnaheim$524,808View Details
Robert Clellan L Mc
Anaheim, CA$440,884
Robert Clellan L McCAAnaheim$440,884View Details
Robert Clellan L Mc
Anaheim, CA$418,703
Robert Clellan L McCAAnaheim$418,703View Details
Christopher Richichi D
Anaheim, CA$408,357
Christopher Richichi DCAAnaheim$408,357View Details
Robert Clellan L Mc
Anaheim, CA$407,003
Robert Clellan L McCAAnaheim$407,003View Details
Thompson Chadwyn S
Anaheim, CA$340,594
Thompson Chadwyn SCAAnaheim$340,594View Details
Michael Alegre
Lodi, CA$330,144
Michael AlegreCALodi$330,144View Details
Timothy Ortegel
Lodi, CA$310,663
Timothy OrtegelCALodi$310,663View Details
Michael Alegre
Lodi, CA$300,433
Michael AlegreCALodi$300,433View Details
Timothy Ortegel
Lodi, CA$287,335
Timothy OrtegelCALodi$287,335View Details
Shane Langone
Lodi, CA$285,994
Shane LangoneCALodi$285,994View Details
Zander William H
City of Seattle, WA$275,406
Zander William HWACity of Seattle$275,406View Details
Tamalyn Nigretto A
City of Seattle, WA$264,510
Tamalyn Nigretto AWACity of Seattle$264,510View Details
Alan Long W
Anaheim, CA$264,354
Alan Long WCAAnaheim$264,354View Details
Shane Langone
Lodi, CA$256,790
Shane LangoneCALodi$256,790View Details
Alan Long W
Anaheim, CA$252,185
Alan Long WCAAnaheim$252,185View Details
Alan Long W
Anaheim, CA$251,836
Alan Long WCAAnaheim$251,836View Details
Timothy Ortegel
Lodi, CA$246,718
Timothy OrtegelCALodi$246,718View Details
William O'Brien B
City of Seattle, WA$244,981
William O'Brien BWACity of Seattle$244,981View Details
Allen Brian Maier
City of Seattle, WA$244,854
Allen Brian MaierWACity of Seattle$244,854View Details
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