Christopher Frank Aarons

Sr Stationary Engineer
Medgar Evers College Eh

Christopher Frank Aarons Overview

Christopher Frank Aarons in 2016 was employed in Medgar Evers College Eh and had annual salary of $802. This salary is 99 percent lower than average and 99 percent lower than median salary in Medgar Evers College Eh.

Key Data

Full NameChristopher Frank Aarons
Original Job TitleSr Stationary Engineer (cuny)
Job TitleSr Stationary Engineer
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StateNew York
EmployerMedgar Evers College Eh
Annual Wage$802
Monthly Wage$67


Employer NameMedgar Evers College Eh
Number of Employees45
Average Annual Wage$95,749
Median Annual Wage$76,236

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