State of Tennessee Salaries

We have 190,444 state of Tennessee salaries in our database. Average state employee salary in TN is $45,050 and median salary is $45,156. Look up TN public employee salaries by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in Memphis by school name or teacher name.

Tennessee Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Metro Government of Nashville and Davidson County
202228,648avg: $41,285median: $37,978
Metro Government of Nashville and Davidson County2022 28,648 $41,285$37,978View Details
City of Memphis
20228,449avg: $56,412median: $53,548
City of Memphis2022 8,449 $56,412$53,548View Details
Rutherford County School District
20225,998avg: $52,864median: $54,405
Rutherford County School District2022 5,998 $52,864$54,405View Details
Shelby County
20225,193avg: $52,079median: $54,363
Shelby County2022 5,193 $52,079$54,363View Details
Tennessee Department of Correction
20225,142avg: $53,287median: $51,827
Tennessee Department of Correction2022 5,142 $53,287$51,827View Details
Clarksville-Montgomery County School District
20225,127avg: $45,483median: $46,384
Clarksville-Montgomery County School District2022 5,127 $45,483$46,384View Details
Tennessee Department of Transportation
20223,512avg: $58,394median: $51,866
Tennessee Department of Transportation2022 3,512 $58,394$51,866View Details
Wilson County School District
20223,116avg: $36,199median: $37,089
Wilson County School District2022 3,116 $36,199$37,089View Details
Blount County
20223,014avg: $32,890median: $31,798
Blount County2022 3,014 $32,890$31,798View Details
Tennessee Department of Children's Services
20222,986avg: $56,504median: $56,292
Tennessee Department of Children's Services2022 2,986 $56,504$56,292View Details
Sevier County School District
20222,810avg: $40,022median: $39,433
Sevier County School District2022 2,810 $40,022$39,433View Details
University of Memphis
20222,605avg: $70,620median: $60,224
University of Memphis2022 2,605 $70,620$60,224View Details
Tennessee Department of Health
20222,527avg: $65,073median: $60,300
Tennessee Department of Health2022 2,527 $65,073$60,300View Details
Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation
20222,373avg: $42,391median: $35,325
Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation2022 2,373 $42,391$35,325View Details
Murfreesboro City School District
20221,977avg: $34,439median: $26,555
Murfreesboro City School District2022 1,977 $34,439$26,555View Details
Austin Peay State University
20221,793avg: $45,077median: $38,910
Austin Peay State University2022 1,793 $45,077$38,910View Details
Tennessee Department of Finance and Administration
20221,770avg: $86,085median: $85,029
Tennessee Department of Finance and Administration2022 1,770 $86,085$85,029View Details
City of Murfreesboro
20221,619avg: $33,592median: $36,052
City of Murfreesboro2022 1,619 $33,592$36,052View Details
Tennessee Attorney General and Reporter
20221,610avg: $78,945median: $71,364
Tennessee Attorney General and Reporter2022 1,610 $78,945$71,364View Details
Hawkins County School District
20221,604avg: $27,784median: $20,000
Hawkins County School District2022 1,604 $27,784$20,000View Details