Vermont Employers

Employers Number 687

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
The University of Vermont
20194,233avg: $63,739median: $51,405
The University of Vermont2019 4,233 $63,739$51,405View Details
The University of Vermont
20214,192avg: $63,270median: $51,805
The University of Vermont2021 4,192 $63,270$51,805View Details
The University of Vermont
20204,125avg: $62,735median: $50,807
The University of Vermont2020 4,125 $62,735$50,807View Details
University Of Vermont
20174,093avg: $60,896median: $49,358
University Of Vermont2017 4,093 $60,896$49,358View Details
University Of Vermont
20164,004avg: $60,900median: $49,262
University Of Vermont2016 4,004 $60,900$49,262View Details
University Of Vermont
20153,940avg: $59,648median: $48,249
University Of Vermont2015 3,940 $59,648$48,249View Details
Mount Mansfield Modified Union School District - CESU
20193,891avg: $7,668median: $1,424
Mount Mansfield Modified Union School District - CESU2019 3,891 $7,668$1,424View Details
City of Burlington
20193,404avg: $34,045median: $22,817
City of Burlington2019 3,404 $34,045$22,817View Details
City of Burlington
20203,253avg: $36,604median: $26,164
City of Burlington2020 3,253 $36,604$26,164View Details
Vermont Transportation Board
20192,399avg: $48,085median: $50,659
Vermont Transportation Board2019 2,399 $48,085$50,659View Details
Vermont Corrections Department
20191,970avg: $48,377median: $53,936
Vermont Corrections Department2019 1,970 $48,377$53,936View Details
Vermont Children and Families Department
20191,899avg: $50,427median: $55,728
Vermont Children and Families Department2019 1,899 $50,427$55,728View Details
Transportation Agency Of
20151,824avg: $38,704median: $42,308
Transportation Agency Of2015 1,824 $38,704$42,308View Details
Transportation Agency Of
20161,807avg: $39,712median: $42,793
Transportation Agency Of2016 1,807 $39,712$42,793View Details
Transportation Agency Of
20171,802avg: $42,391median: $45,371
Transportation Agency Of2017 1,802 $42,391$45,371View Details
Dept For Children & Families
20161,655avg: $39,726median: $43,945
Dept For Children & Families2016 1,655 $39,726$43,945View Details
Vermont Transportation Board
20201,652avg: $46,602median: $50,132
Vermont Transportation Board2020 1,652 $46,602$50,132View Details
Dept For Children & Families
20151,621avg: $38,410median: $40,592
Dept For Children & Families2015 1,621 $38,410$40,592View Details
Corrections Department Of
20171,554avg: $39,838median: $45,402
Corrections Department Of2017 1,554 $39,838$45,402View Details
Corrections Department Of
20161,532avg: $39,306median: $44,848
Corrections Department Of2016 1,532 $39,306$44,848View Details

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Average Salary