Vermont Employers

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EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Addison Northeast Supervisory Union
2017558avg: $30,583median: $25,708
Addison Northeast Supervisory Union2017 558 $30,583$25,708View Details
Addison-Rutland Supervisory Union
2017550avg: $24,312median: $17,244
Addison-Rutland Supervisory Union2017 550 $24,312$17,244View Details
Administration Agency Of
201746avg: $39,387median: $37,625
Administration Agency Of2017 46 $39,387$37,625View Details
Administration Agency Of
201664avg: $52,853median: $51,752
Administration Agency Of2016 64 $52,853$51,752View Details
Administration Agency Of
201574avg: $48,773median: $50,005
Administration Agency Of2015 74 $48,773$50,005View Details
Agriculture Food & Markets
2017168avg: $45,367median: $53,651
Agriculture Food & Markets2017 168 $45,367$53,651View Details
Agriculture Food & Markets
2016153avg: $46,527median: $53,643
Agriculture Food & Markets2016 153 $46,527$53,643View Details
Agriculture Food & Markets
2015127avg: $47,938median: $53,797
Agriculture Food & Markets2015 127 $47,938$53,797View Details
Attorney General
2017122avg: $57,844median: $56,143
Attorney General2017 122 $57,844$56,143View Details
Attorney General
201697avg: $56,747median: $54,539
Attorney General2016 97 $56,747$54,539View Details
Attorney General
2015106avg: $52,805median: $57,083
Attorney General2015 106 $52,805$57,083View Details
Auditor Of Accounts
201615avg: $81,088median: $86,190
Auditor Of Accounts2016 15 $81,088$86,190View Details
Auditor Of Accounts
201515avg: $81,962median: $83,285
Auditor Of Accounts2015 15 $81,962$83,285View Details
Blue Mountain Union School District
201786avg: $47,368median: $48,220
Blue Mountain Union School District2017 86 $47,368$48,220View Details
Buildings & General Services
2017456avg: $35,615median: $35,932
Buildings & General Services2017 456 $35,615$35,932View Details
Buildings & General Services
2016449avg: $34,147median: $34,724
Buildings & General Services2016 449 $34,147$34,724View Details
Buildings & General Services
2015438avg: $33,536median: $34,317
Buildings & General Services2015 438 $33,536$34,317View Details
Castleton University
2017593avg: $29,765median: $22,014
Castleton University2017 593 $29,765$22,014View Details
Children And Families
20171,424avg: $45,290median: $50,035
Children And Families2017 1,424 $45,290$50,035View Details
City Of Burlington
20171,292avg: $37,748median: $34,169
City Of Burlington2017 1,292 $37,748$34,169View Details

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