Delaware State Employee Salaries

We have 49,966 Delaware state employee salaries in our database. Average government employee salary in Delaware is $46,786 and median salary is $46,138. Look up state public employee salaries by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in Wilmington by school name or teacher name.

Delaware Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Red Clay Consolidated School District
20222,925avg: $52,332median: $49,762
Red Clay Consolidated School District2022 2,925 $52,332$49,762View Details
Christina School District
20222,492avg: $56,040median: $57,788
Christina School District2022 2,492 $56,040$57,788View Details
Indian River School District
20222,301avg: $45,328median: $48,789
Indian River School District2022 2,301 $45,328$48,789View Details
Appoquinimink School District
20222,285avg: $48,441median: $48,646
Appoquinimink School District2022 2,285 $48,441$48,646View Details
Brandywine School District
20221,937avg: $56,361median: $61,185
Brandywine School District2022 1,937 $56,361$61,185View Details
Cape Henlopen School District
20221,797avg: $41,201median: $40,584
Cape Henlopen School District2022 1,797 $41,201$40,584View Details
Colonial School District
20221,700avg: $57,066median: $53,805
Colonial School District2022 1,700 $57,066$53,805View Details
Capital School District
20221,635avg: $37,237median: $38,652
Capital School District2022 1,635 $37,237$38,652View Details
Caesar Rodney School District
20221,326avg: $46,488median: $48,414
Caesar Rodney School District2022 1,326 $46,488$48,414View Details
New Castle County Vocational-Technical School District
20221,137avg: $42,739median: $44,427
New Castle County Vocational-Technical School District2022 1,137 $42,739$44,427View Details
Smyrna School District
20221,072avg: $44,084median: $46,110
Smyrna School District2022 1,072 $44,084$46,110View Details
University of Delaware State
2022902avg: $54,050median: $52,666
University of Delaware State2022 902 $54,050$52,666View Details
Milford School District
2022743avg: $43,505median: $45,246
Milford School District2022 743 $43,505$45,246View Details
Delaware Technical Community College Owens Campus
2022714avg: $24,123median: $39
Delaware Technical Community College Owens Campus2022 714 $24,123$39View Details
Seaford School District
2022623avg: $45,667median: $46,076
Seaford School District2022 623 $45,667$46,076View Details
Sussex County
2022612avg: $53,766median: $49,092
Sussex County2022 612 $53,766$49,092View Details
Lake Forest School District
2022609avg: $47,438median: $47,288
Lake Forest School District2022 609 $47,438$47,288View Details
Delaware Technical Community College Stanton Campus
2022586avg: $26,305median: $46
Delaware Technical Community College Stanton Campus2022 586 $26,305$46View Details
Community Health (DHSS)
2022582avg: $47,406median: $48,239
Community Health (DHSS)2022 582 $47,406$48,239View Details
James T. Vaughn Correctional Center
2022581avg: $54,049median: $53,714
James T. Vaughn Correctional Center2022 581 $54,049$53,714View Details