Arizona State Employee Salaries

We have 180,855 Arizona state employee salaries in our database. Average Arizona government employee salary is $58,591 and median salary is $54,679. Look up AZ state employee salaries by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in Phoenix by school name or teacher name.

Arizona Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
City of Phoenix
202215,051avg: $59,615median: $60,292
City of Phoenix2022 15,051 $59,615$60,292View Details
Maricopa County
202213,657avg: $65,952median: $60,404
Maricopa County2022 13,657 $65,952$60,404View Details
Arizona Department of Corrections
202213,334avg: $52,256median: $50,937
Arizona Department of Corrections2022 13,334 $52,256$50,937View Details
University of Arizona (Tucson)
202212,534avg: $69,643median: $55,000
University of Arizona (Tucson)2022 12,534 $69,643$55,000View Details
Pima County
202210,449avg: $34,845median: $34,900
Pima County2022 10,449 $34,845$34,900View Details
Mesa Public Schools
20228,664avg: $36,397median: $34,448
Mesa Public Schools2022 8,664 $36,397$34,448View Details
Arizona Department of Economic Security
20228,378avg: $53,349median: $48,556
Arizona Department of Economic Security2022 8,378 $53,349$48,556View Details
City of Mesa
20225,235avg: $64,834median: $63,053
City of Mesa2022 5,235 $64,834$63,053View Details
Northern Arizona University
20224,394avg: $49,812median: $46,500
Northern Arizona University2022 4,394 $49,812$46,500View Details
Paradise Valley Unified School District
20223,748avg: $40,050median: $44,808
Paradise Valley Unified School District2022 3,748 $40,050$44,808View Details
Arizona Department of Transportation
20223,695avg: $59,103median: $54,450
Arizona Department of Transportation2022 3,695 $59,103$54,450View Details
Arizona Department of Public Safety
20223,090avg: $85,601median: $88,327
Arizona Department of Public Safety2022 3,090 $85,601$88,327View Details
City of Scottsdale
20222,781avg: $67,543median: $67,808
City of Scottsdale2022 2,781 $67,543$67,808View Details
Arizona Department of Child Safety
20222,759avg: $52,018median: $50,151
Arizona Department of Child Safety2022 2,759 $52,018$50,151View Details
Pima Community College
20222,693avg: $34,080median: $18,671
Pima Community College2022 2,693 $34,080$18,671View Details
City of Chandler
20222,660avg: $57,534median: $55,640
City of Chandler2022 2,660 $57,534$55,640View Details
Pinal County
20222,440avg: $58,481median: $52,627
Pinal County2022 2,440 $58,481$52,627View Details
Phoenix Police Department
20222,062avg: $98,918median: $95,208
Phoenix Police Department2022 2,062 $98,918$95,208View Details
City of Glendale
20222,007avg: $75,978median: $70,639
City of Glendale2022 2,007 $75,978$70,639View Details
Arizona Exposition and State Fair
20221,793avg: $36,065median: $34,320
Arizona Exposition and State Fair2022 1,793 $36,065$34,320View Details