Wisconsin State Employee Salaries

We have 243,464 Wisconsin state employee salaries in our database. Average government employee salary in Wisconsin is $50,703 and median salary is $52,144. Wisconsin state employee salary lookup by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in Milwaukee by school name or teacher name.

Wisconsin Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
University of Wisconsin at Madison
202219,831avg: $69,545median: $59,364
University of Wisconsin at Madison2022 19,831 $69,545$59,364View Details
Department of Corrections
202210,193avg: $59,505median: $58,862
Department of Corrections2022 10,193 $59,505$58,862View Details
City of Milwaukee
20229,658avg: $48,903median: $44,237
City of Milwaukee2022 9,658 $48,903$44,237View Details
Department of Health Services
20227,427avg: $56,718median: $58,131
Department of Health Services2022 7,427 $56,718$58,131View Details
City of Madison
20226,135avg: $39,461median: $16,829
City of Madison2022 6,135 $39,461$16,829View Details
Milwaukee School District
20225,403avg: $69,014median: $69,853
Milwaukee School District2022 5,403 $69,014$69,853View Details
Department of Natural Resources
20224,384avg: $40,780median: $35,053
Department of Natural Resources2022 4,384 $40,780$35,053View Details
University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee
20223,716avg: $55,483median: $50,437
University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee2022 3,716 $55,483$50,437View Details
Department of Transportation
20223,659avg: $58,531median: $60,403
Department of Transportation2022 3,659 $58,531$60,403View Details
Madison Metropolitan School District
20222,713avg: $63,230median: $61,891
Madison Metropolitan School District2022 2,713 $63,230$61,891View Details
Madison College
20222,455avg: $45,103median: $27,871
Madison College2022 2,455 $45,103$27,871View Details
Waukesha County
20222,120avg: $47,450median: $46,692
Waukesha County2022 2,120 $47,450$46,692View Details
Department of Workforce Development
20221,992avg: $47,757median: $46,694
Department of Workforce Development2022 1,992 $47,757$46,694View Details
Green Bay School District
20221,915avg: $61,692median: $60,243
Green Bay School District2022 1,915 $61,692$60,243View Details
Kenosha School District
20221,770avg: $67,032median: $64,124
Kenosha School District2022 1,770 $67,032$64,124View Details
Department of Administration
20221,769avg: $59,344median: $63,261
Department of Administration2022 1,769 $59,344$63,261View Details
Racine Unified School District
20221,670avg: $64,541median: $64,127
Racine Unified School District2022 1,670 $64,541$64,127View Details
Rock County
20221,658avg: $48,387median: $49,069
Rock County2022 1,658 $48,387$49,069View Details
Kenosha County
20221,609avg: $40,282median: $39,125
Kenosha County2022 1,609 $40,282$39,125View Details
Wisconsin State Fair Park
20221,580avg: $5,356median: $1,265
Wisconsin State Fair Park2022 1,580 $5,356$1,265View Details