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We have 954,429 NYS salaries in our database. Average NYS employee salary is $58,310 and median salary is $50,300. Look up NYS employee salaries by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in New York by school name or teacher name.

New York Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Education Admin, Department of
2023288,319avg: $45,811median: $29,068
Education Admin, Department of2023 288,319 $45,811$29,068View Details
Police Department
202358,457avg: $89,428median: $75,275
Police Department2023 58,457 $89,428$75,275View Details
Election Poll Workers, Board of
202329,899avg: $1,789median: $775
Election Poll Workers, Board of2023 29,899 $1,789$775View Details
Fire Department
202318,987avg: $116,119median: $120,658
Fire Department2023 18,987 $116,119$120,658View Details
Parks & Recreation, Department of
202316,671avg: $28,689median: $11,021
Parks & Recreation, Department of2023 16,671 $28,689$11,021View Details
Housing Authority
202314,637avg: $68,832median: $62,090
Housing Authority2023 14,637 $68,832$62,090View Details
Hra/Dept Of Social Services
202313,866avg: $62,978median: $63,166
Hra/Dept Of Social Services2023 13,866 $62,978$63,166View Details
Sanitation, Department of
202311,350avg: $98,385median: $105,919
Sanitation, Department of2023 11,350 $98,385$105,919View Details
Corrections, Department of
20239,760avg: $113,845median: $119,755
Corrections, Department of2023 9,760 $113,845$119,755View Details
Children's SVCS, Admin for
20238,780avg: $66,260median: $73,677
Children's SVCS, Admin for2023 8,780 $66,260$73,677View Details
Health/Mental Hygiene, Department of
20238,167avg: $70,737median: $72,695
Health/Mental Hygiene, Department of2023 8,167 $70,737$72,695View Details
The Research Foundation for SUNY
20238,002avg: $40,097median: $33,193
The Research Foundation for SUNY2023 8,002 $40,097$33,193View Details
Environment Protection, Department of
20236,939avg: $86,453median: $86,774
Environment Protection, Department of2023 6,939 $86,453$86,774View Details
Transportation, Department of
20236,826avg: $83,020median: $79,582
Transportation, Department of2023 6,826 $83,020$79,582View Details
District Attorney
20236,615avg: $66,918median: $60,200
District Attorney2023 6,615 $66,918$60,200View Details
Buffalo City SD
20236,120avg: $72,725median: $80,278
Buffalo City SD2023 6,120 $72,725$80,278View Details
Rochester City SD
20235,829avg: $62,204median: $64,368
Rochester City SD2023 5,829 $62,204$64,368View Details
Nassau BOCES
20235,306avg: $35,249median: $9,027
Nassau BOCES2023 5,306 $35,249$9,027View Details
Syracuse City SD
20234,287avg: $60,178median: $63,591
Syracuse City SD2023 4,287 $60,178$63,591View Details
Manhattan Community College
20234,172avg: $37,303median: $21,217
Manhattan Community College2023 4,172 $37,303$21,217View Details