State Salaries

State Payrolls

State NameStateEmployees NumberAverage Salary
24 Hour Treatment (SCYF)
DE2022employees: 84average:$38,500
24 Hour Treatment (SCYF)DE 84 $38,500View Salaries
Academic Support (DOE)
DE2022employees: 43average:$102,009
Academic Support (DOE)DE 43 $102,009View Salaries
Adjutant General
WV2018employees: 909average:$28,961
Adjutant GeneralWV 909 $28,961View Salaries
Administration (DHSS)
DE2022employees: 247average:$50,474
Administration (DHSS)DE 247 $50,474View Salaries
Administration (DOA)
DE2022employees: 15average:$53,056
Administration (DOA)DE 15 $53,056View Salaries
Administration (DTI)
DE2022employees: 16average:$31,044
Administration (DTI)DE 16 $31,044View Salaries
Administration (OBM)
DE2022employees: 30average:$53,711
Administration (OBM)DE 30 $53,711View Salaries
Administration (SOS)
DE2022employees: 20average:$60,199
Administration (SOS)DE 20 $60,199View Salaries
Administrative Office Of The Courts
NC2017employees: 4689average:$49,158
Administrative Office Of The CourtsNC 4,689 $49,158View Salaries
Adult Probation And Parole
LA2018employees: 861average:$49,508
Adult Probation And ParoleLA 861 $49,508View Salaries
NY2009employees: 108average:$64,886
AdvocacyNY 108 $64,886View Salaries
Aeronautics Commission
WV2018employees: 4average:$40,870
Aeronautics CommissionWV 4 $40,870View Salaries
Agency For State Technology
FL2017employees: 227average:$56,376
Agency For State TechnologyFL 227 $56,376View Salaries
Aging And Adult Services
LA2018employees: 480average:$43,449
Aging And Adult ServicesLA 480 $43,449View Salaries
Aglands Preservation and Planning (DOA)
DE2022employees: 6average:$48,161
Aglands Preservation and Planning (DOA)DE 6 $48,161View Salaries
Agricultural Development Board
KY2017employees: 12average:$54,542
Agricultural Development BoardKY 12 $54,542View Salaries
Agricultural Experiment Station
CT2018employees: 162average:$46,778
Agricultural Experiment StationCT 162 $46,778View Salaries
Agricultural Museum Board
AL2018employees: 5average:$5,562
Agricultural Museum BoardAL 5 $5,562View Salaries
Air Quality Board
WV2018employees: 3average:$600
Air Quality BoardWV 3 $600View Salaries
Alabama Board of Licensure for Professional Geologists
AL2020employees: 4average:$100
Alabama Board of Licensure for Professional GeologistsAL 4 $100View Salaries
Alabama Industrial Development Training Institute
AL2022employees: 181average:$70,293
Alabama Industrial Development Training InstituteAL 181 $70,293View Salaries
Alabama Law Institute
AL2018employees: 18average:$2,900
Alabama Law InstituteAL 18 $2,900View Salaries
Alabama State Board of Respiratory Therapy
AL2021employees: 1average:$3,800
Alabama State Board of Respiratory TherapyAL 1 $3,800View Salaries
Albany Housing Authority
NY2018employees: 116average:$54,757
Albany Housing AuthorityNY 116 $54,757View Salaries
Albany Parking Authority
NY2018employees: 40average:$39,141
Albany Parking AuthorityNY 40 $39,141View Salaries
Alcohol Beverage Control Administration
WV2018employees: 81average:$33,264
Alcohol Beverage Control AdministrationWV 81 $33,264View Salaries
Alcoholic Beverage Commission
TN2018employees: 77average:$46,397
Alcoholic Beverage CommissionTN 77 $46,397View Salaries
Alcoholic Beverage Commission
TX2018employees: 701average:$53,517
Alcoholic Beverage CommissionTX 701 $53,517View Salaries
Alpine County Superior Court
CA2016employees: 5average:$49,318
Alpine County Superior CourtCA 5 $49,318View Salaries
Appellate Courts
IL2018employees: 205average:$50,811
Appellate CourtsIL 205 $50,811View Salaries
Application Delivery (DTI)
DE2022employees: 59average:$85,278
Application Delivery (DTI)DE 59 $85,278View Salaries
Arizona Automobile Theft Authority
AZ2019employees: 8average:$60,831
Arizona Automobile Theft AuthorityAZ 8 $60,831View Salaries
Arizona Board of Cosmetology
AZ2021employees: 14average:$38,641
Arizona Board of CosmetologyAZ 14 $38,641View Salaries
Arizona Board of Homeopathic/Integrated Medicine Examiners
AZ2019employees: 8average:$78,000
Arizona Board of Homeopathic/Integrated Medicine ExaminersAZ 8 $78,000View Salaries
Arizona Commission of Postsecondary Education
AZ2021employees: 1average:$49,777
Arizona Commission of Postsecondary EducationAZ 1 $49,777View Salaries
Arizona Department of Financial Institutions
AZ2019employees: 66average:$59,203
Arizona Department of Financial InstitutionsAZ 66 $59,203View Salaries
Arizona School Facilities Board
AZ2021employees: 13average:$65,718
Arizona School Facilities BoardAZ 13 $65,718View Salaries
Arkansas Abstractor's Board
AR2019employees: 1average:$7,855
Arkansas Abstractor's BoardAR 1 $7,855View Salaries
Arkansas Alcoholic Beverage Control Enforcement
AR2020employees: 17average:$47,136
Arkansas Alcoholic Beverage Control EnforcementAR 17 $47,136View Salaries
Arkansas Appraiser Licensing and Certification Board
AR2022employees: 4average:$70,596
Arkansas Appraiser Licensing and Certification BoardAR 4 $70,596View Salaries
Arkansas Department of Career Education Rehabilitation Services
AR2021employees: 346average:$44,325
Arkansas Department of Career Education Rehabilitation ServicesAR 346 $44,325View Salaries
Arkansas Fair Housing Commission
AR2020employees: 8average:$55,582
Arkansas Fair Housing CommissionAR 8 $55,582View Salaries
Arkansas Geological Survey
AR2022employees: 15average:$55,478
Arkansas Geological SurveyAR 15 $55,478View Salaries
Arkansas Home Inspector Registration Board
AR2022employees: 1average:$43,612
Arkansas Home Inspector Registration BoardAR 1 $43,612View Salaries
Arkansas Land Department
AR2022employees: 38average:$61,986
Arkansas Land DepartmentAR 38 $61,986View Salaries
Arkansas State Board of Registration for Foresters
AR2021employees: 1average:$48,098
Arkansas State Board of Registration for ForestersAR 1 $48,098View Salaries
Arkansas State Board of Registration for Professional Geologists
AR2020employees: 2average:$21,405
Arkansas State Board of Registration for Professional GeologistsAR 2 $21,405View Salaries
Arkansas Tobacco Control
AR2020employees: 23average:$51,598
Arkansas Tobacco ControlAR 23 $51,598View Salaries
Arlington Developmental Center
TN2017employees: 8average:$36,131
Arlington Developmental CenterTN 8 $36,131View Salaries
Arts Commission
AZ2017employees: 10average:$47,373
Arts CommissionAZ 10 $47,373View Salaries
Arts Commission
MS2018employees: 11average:$52,320
Arts CommissionMS 11 $52,320View Salaries
Arts Commission
SC2018employees: 7average:$65,995
Arts CommissionSC 7 $65,995View Salaries
Arts Commission
TN2018employees: 18average:$62,083
Arts CommissionTN 18 $62,083View Salaries
Association Of California Water Agencies
CA2018employees: 44average:$111,236
Association Of California Water AgenciesCA 44 $111,236View Salaries
Attorney For Injured Workers
NV2018employees: 36average:$83,799
Attorney For Injured WorkersNV 36 $83,799View Salaries
Attorney General
IL2018employees: 850average:$57,481
Attorney GeneralIL 850 $57,481View Salaries
Attorney General
MS2018employees: 292average:$64,202
Attorney GeneralMS 292 $64,202View Salaries
Attorney General
OK2017employees: 279average:$47,162
Attorney GeneralOK 279 $47,162View Salaries
Auditor General
AZ2018employees: 242average:$58,244
Auditor GeneralAZ 242 $58,244View Salaries
Authorities Budget Office
NY2018employees: 25average:$81,070
Authorities Budget OfficeNY 25 $81,070View Salaries