Iowa Employers

Employers Number 3646

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
University of Iowa
201926,537avg: $70,102median: $55,089
University of Iowa2019 26,537 $70,102$55,089View Details
University of Iowa
202125,262avg: $65,882median: $54,190
University of Iowa2021 25,262 $65,882$54,190View Details
University of Iowa
202025,050avg: $65,258median: $53,415
University of Iowa2020 25,050 $65,258$53,415View Details
University Of Iowa
201824,328avg: $63,150median: $51,979
University Of Iowa2018 24,328 $63,150$51,979View Details
University Of Iowa
201723,910avg: $61,855median: $51,111
University Of Iowa2017 23,910 $61,855$51,111View Details
University Of Iowa
201623,032avg: $60,223median: $50,252
University Of Iowa2016 23,032 $60,223$50,252View Details
University Of Iowa
201522,217avg: $59,421median: $49,761
University Of Iowa2015 22,217 $59,421$49,761View Details
Iowa State University
202013,158avg: $41,971median: $26,383
Iowa State University2020 13,158 $41,971$26,383View Details
Iowa State University
202112,626avg: $43,721median: $28,352
Iowa State University2021 12,626 $43,721$28,352View Details
Iowa State University
201910,688avg: $56,418median: $48,558
Iowa State University2019 10,688 $56,418$48,558View Details
Iowa State University
20179,996avg: $49,726median: $44,944
Iowa State University2017 9,996 $49,726$44,944View Details
University of Iowa State
20179,988avg: $49,000median: $46,041
University of Iowa State2017 9,988 $49,000$46,041View Details
Iowa State University
20189,964avg: $50,282median: $45,363
Iowa State University2018 9,964 $50,282$45,363View Details
Iowa State University
20169,815avg: $48,601median: $43,996
Iowa State University2016 9,815 $48,601$43,996View Details
Iowa State University
20159,474avg: $48,192median: $43,059
Iowa State University2015 9,474 $48,192$43,059View Details
School District Of Des Moines
20166,613avg: $38,587median: $39,319
School District Of Des Moines2016 6,613 $38,587$39,319View Details
Human Services Department Of
20155,761avg: $47,681median: $50,742
Human Services Department Of2015 5,761 $47,681$50,742View Details
Human Services Department Of
20165,051avg: $51,978median: $53,861
Human Services Department Of2016 5,051 $51,978$53,861View Details
Human Services Department Of
20174,799avg: $55,541median: $57,095
Human Services Department Of2017 4,799 $55,541$57,095View Details
Iowa Department of Human Services
20194,772avg: $55,339median: $58,191
Iowa Department of Human Services2019 4,772 $55,339$58,191View Details

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