State of Iowa employee salaries

We have 197,724 state of Iowa salaries in our database. Average government employee salary in Iowa is $43,114 and median salary is $38,502. Look up Iowa state employee salaries by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in your city by school name or teacher name.

Iowa Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
University of Iowa
202226,208avg: $68,087median: $55,550
University of Iowa2022 26,208 $68,087$55,550View Details
Iowa State University
202212,554avg: $45,065median: $28,863
Iowa State University2022 12,554 $45,065$28,863View Details
Iowa Department of Human Services
20225,294avg: $56,329median: $58,231
Iowa Department of Human Services2022 5,294 $56,329$58,231View Details
Cedar Rapids Community School District
20223,532avg: $42,984median: $32,338
Cedar Rapids Community School District2022 3,532 $42,984$32,338View Details
Iowa City Community School District
20223,364avg: $40,691median: $30,764
Iowa City Community School District2022 3,364 $40,691$30,764View Details
Iowa Department of Transportation
20223,277avg: $55,981median: $56,875
Iowa Department of Transportation2022 3,277 $55,981$56,875View Details
Iowa Department of Corrections
20223,124avg: $56,114median: $58,309
Iowa Department of Corrections2022 3,124 $56,114$58,309View Details
Des Moines Area Community College
20222,970avg: $28,953median: $10,634
Des Moines Area Community College2022 2,970 $28,953$10,634View Details
Davenport Community School District
20222,868avg: $42,353median: $37,890
Davenport Community School District2022 2,868 $42,353$37,890View Details
Sioux City Community School District
20222,651avg: $43,861median: $34,829
Sioux City Community School District2022 2,651 $43,861$34,829View Details
Waukee Community School District
20222,452avg: $37,327median: $24,146
Waukee Community School District2022 2,452 $37,327$24,146View Details
Ankeny Community School District
20222,345avg: $39,740median: $26,799
Ankeny Community School District2022 2,345 $39,740$26,799View Details
City of Des Moines
20222,302avg: $70,689median: $73,634
City of Des Moines2022 2,302 $70,689$73,634View Details
University of Northern Iowa
20222,258avg: $52,079median: $48,974
University of Northern Iowa2022 2,258 $52,079$48,974View Details
West Des Moines Community School District
20222,024avg: $36,279median: $22,036
West Des Moines Community School District2022 2,024 $36,279$22,036View Details
Iowa Judicial Branch
20221,967avg: $61,126median: $54,009
Iowa Judicial Branch2022 1,967 $61,126$54,009View Details
Waterloo Community School District
20221,887avg: $40,561median: $41,157
Waterloo Community School District2022 1,887 $40,561$41,157View Details
Johnston Community School District
20221,719avg: $31,914median: $22,522
Johnston Community School District2022 1,719 $31,914$22,522View Details
Iowa Department of Natural Resources
20221,500avg: $44,106median: $47,801
Iowa Department of Natural Resources2022 1,500 $44,106$47,801View Details
City of Cedar Rapids
20221,458avg: $66,064median: $65,757
City of Cedar Rapids2022 1,458 $66,064$65,757View Details