Oregon State Employee Salaries

We have 174,842 Oregon state employee salaries in our database. Average government employee salary in Oregon is $59,769 and median salary is $57,481. Look up Oregon government salaries by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in Portland by school name or teacher name.

Oregon Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Department of Human Services
202211,221avg: $65,054median: $60,228
Department of Human Services2022 11,221 $65,054$60,228View Details
Portland Public Schools
20229,521avg: $49,878median: $43,317
Portland Public Schools2022 9,521 $49,878$43,317View Details
University of Oregon
20228,803avg: $45,620median: $31,813
University of Oregon2022 8,803 $45,620$31,813View Details
City of Portland
20228,572avg: $76,662median: $81,612
City of Portland2022 8,572 $76,662$81,612View Details
Salem-Keizer School District
20227,497avg: $43,050median: $37,439
Salem-Keizer School District2022 7,497 $43,050$37,439View Details
Beaverton School District
20226,690avg: $49,099median: $41,637
Beaverton School District2022 6,690 $49,099$41,637View Details
Multnomah County
20226,527avg: $69,684median: $67,589
Multnomah County2022 6,527 $69,684$67,589View Details
Oregon State University
20225,418avg: $86,661median: $72,126
Oregon State University2022 5,418 $86,661$72,126View Details
Oregon Health Authority
20225,241avg: $83,090median: $76,200
Oregon Health Authority2022 5,241 $83,090$76,200View Details
Department of Transportation
20225,021avg: $78,333median: $69,252
Department of Transportation2022 5,021 $78,333$69,252View Details
Department of Corrections
20224,828avg: $80,892median: $79,212
Department of Corrections2022 4,828 $80,892$79,212View Details
Hillsboro School District
20223,561avg: $43,232median: $33,657
Hillsboro School District2022 3,561 $43,232$33,657View Details
20223,522avg: $66,901median: $74,284
Trimet2022 3,522 $66,901$74,284View Details
Clackamas County
20222,906avg: $66,933median: $66,058
Clackamas County2022 2,906 $66,933$66,058View Details
Bend-La Pine Schools
20222,793avg: $38,376median: $36,268
Bend-La Pine Schools2022 2,793 $38,376$36,268View Details
Washington County
20222,544avg: $79,663median: $77,734
Washington County2022 2,544 $79,663$77,734View Details
Lane County
20222,489avg: $51,485median: $51,183
Lane County2022 2,489 $51,485$51,183View Details
Portland State University
20222,474avg: $6,733median: $6,229
Portland State University2022 2,474 $6,733$6,229View Details
City of Eugene
20222,397avg: $58,272median: $58,818
City of Eugene2022 2,397 $58,272$58,818View Details
Eugene School District
20222,275avg: $50,879median: $46,968
Eugene School District2022 2,275 $50,879$46,968View Details