Washington State Employee Salaries

We have 156,002 Washington state employee salaries in our database. Average Washington state employee salary is $73,540 and median salary is $70,883. Look up washington state salaries by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in your city by school name or teacher name.

Washington Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Seattle Public Schools
20237,023avg: $89,464median: $85,570
Seattle Public Schools2023 7,023 $89,464$85,570View Details
Spokane Public Schools
20234,068avg: $78,835median: $79,220
Spokane Public Schools2023 4,068 $78,835$79,220View Details
Lake Washington School District
20233,775avg: $85,408median: $87,047
Lake Washington School District2023 3,775 $85,408$87,047View Details
Tacoma Public Schools
20233,680avg: $94,580median: $95,374
Tacoma Public Schools2023 3,680 $94,580$95,374View Details
Kent School District
20233,654avg: $78,165median: $79,565
Kent School District2023 3,654 $78,165$79,565View Details
Evergreen Public Schools
20233,360avg: $72,031median: $74,995
Evergreen Public Schools2023 3,360 $72,031$74,995View Details
Vancouver Public Schools
20233,104avg: $75,065median: $74,220
Vancouver Public Schools2023 3,104 $75,065$74,220View Details
Northshore School District
20232,985avg: $88,054median: $87,543
Northshore School District2023 2,985 $88,054$87,543View Details
Puyallup School District
20232,899avg: $84,381median: $80,124
Puyallup School District2023 2,899 $84,381$80,124View Details
Federal Way Public Schools
20232,818avg: $78,855median: $77,917
Federal Way Public Schools2023 2,818 $78,855$77,917View Details
Edmonds School District
20232,795avg: $84,892median: $85,979
Edmonds School District2023 2,795 $84,892$85,979View Details
Bellevue School District
20232,750avg: $77,735median: $81,766
Bellevue School District2023 2,750 $77,735$81,766View Details
Bethel School District
20232,750avg: $68,437median: $66,002
Bethel School District2023 2,750 $68,437$66,002View Details
Highline Public Schools
20232,675avg: $79,826median: $81,075
Highline Public Schools2023 2,675 $79,826$81,075View Details
Pasco School District
20232,637avg: $65,110median: $65,824
Pasco School District2023 2,637 $65,110$65,824View Details
Everett Public Schools
20232,570avg: $90,254median: $86,936
Everett Public Schools2023 2,570 $90,254$86,936View Details
Auburn School District
20232,527avg: $80,474median: $76,016
Auburn School District2023 2,527 $80,474$76,016View Details
Kennewick School District
20232,488avg: $69,270median: $66,056
Kennewick School District2023 2,488 $69,270$66,056View Details
Issaquah School District
20232,409avg: $84,089median: $84,205
Issaquah School District2023 2,409 $84,089$84,205View Details
North Thurston School District
20232,204avg: $70,408median: $67,714
North Thurston School District2023 2,204 $70,408$67,714View Details