State of Florida Employee Salaries

We have 318,107 state of Florida salaries in our database. Average government employee salary in Florida is $50,010 and median salary is $48,599. Look up state of Florida employee salaries by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in Jacksonville by school name or teacher name.

Florida Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Miami-Dade County Public Schools
202341,877avg: $48,373median: $49,787
Miami-Dade County Public Schools2023 41,877 $48,373$49,787View Details
Orange County Public Schools
202327,886avg: $40,668median: $44,281
Orange County Public Schools2023 27,886 $40,668$44,281View Details
Broward County Public Schools
202324,014avg: $49,735median: $50,237
Broward County Public Schools2023 24,014 $49,735$50,237View Details
Department of Corrections
202318,295avg: $51,740median: $48,741
Department of Corrections2023 18,295 $51,740$48,741View Details
University of Florida
202316,969avg: $98,280median: $67,170
University of Florida2023 16,969 $98,280$67,170View Details
Department Of Children And Families?????
20239,936avg: $48,849median: $42,209
Department Of Children And Families?????2023 9,936 $48,849$42,209View Details
Department of Health
20239,850avg: $51,980median: $46,404
Department of Health2023 9,850 $51,980$46,404View Details
Justice Administrative Commission
20238,253avg: $66,746median: $61,548
Justice Administrative Commission2023 8,253 $66,746$61,548View Details
Sarasota County Schools
20237,948avg: $42,249median: $36,922
Sarasota County Schools2023 7,948 $42,249$36,922View Details
St. Johns County School District
20237,194avg: $41,223median: $49,236
St. Johns County School District2023 7,194 $41,223$49,236View Details
Valencia College
20235,960avg: $22,613median: $11,891
Valencia College2023 5,960 $22,613$11,891View Details
Collier County Public Schools
20235,827avg: $55,733median: $57,960
Collier County Public Schools2023 5,827 $55,733$57,960View Details
School District of Manatee County
20235,653avg: $46,500median: $49,210
School District of Manatee County2023 5,653 $46,500$49,210View Details
Clay County School District
20235,432avg: $34,763median: $41,865
Clay County School District2023 5,432 $34,763$41,865View Details
St. Lucie Public Schools
20235,270avg: $43,865median: $47,500
St. Lucie Public Schools2023 5,270 $43,865$47,500View Details
Department of Transportation
20235,004avg: $72,730median: $64,285
Department of Transportation2023 5,004 $72,730$64,285View Details
Volusia County Schools
20235,002avg: $45,798median: $48,605
Volusia County Schools2023 5,002 $45,798$48,605View Details
Alachua County Public Schools
20234,762avg: $38,361median: $40,028
Alachua County Public Schools2023 4,762 $38,361$40,028View Details
Okaloosa County Schools
20234,533avg: $40,164median: $41,214
Okaloosa County Schools2023 4,533 $40,164$41,214View Details
Department of Revenue
20234,104avg: $50,826median: $45,717
Department of Revenue2023 4,104 $50,826$45,717View Details