Kentucky State Employee Salaries, KY salary search

We have 245,611 Kentucky state employee salaries in our database. Average KY employee salary is $38,443 and median salary is $37,144. You can do Kentucky salary search by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for Kentucky teacher salary in Lexington by school name or teacher name.

Kentucky Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
University of Kentucky
202223,617avg: $71,386median: $56,160
University of Kentucky2022 23,617 $71,386$56,160View Details
Jefferson County Public School District
202217,507avg: $44,769median: $43,906
Jefferson County Public School District2022 17,507 $44,769$43,906View Details
Fayette County Public School District
202212,430avg: $26,606median: $18,568
Fayette County Public School District2022 12,430 $26,606$18,568View Details
Kentucky National Guard
20227,848avg: $5,307median: $4,492
Kentucky National Guard2022 7,848 $5,307$4,492View Details
Kentucky Community & Technical College System
20227,677avg: $29,921median: $22,099
Kentucky Community & Technical College System2022 7,677 $29,921$22,099View Details
City of Louisville
20226,412avg: $41,375median: $39,025
City of Louisville2022 6,412 $41,375$39,025View Details
University of Louisville
20226,118avg: $70,766median: $58,453
University of Louisville2022 6,118 $70,766$58,453View Details
City of Lexington
20224,280avg: $55,581median: $56,721
City of Lexington2022 4,280 $55,581$56,721View Details
Boone County School District
20224,211avg: $32,321median: $28,218
Boone County School District2022 4,211 $32,321$28,218View Details
Department for Community Based Services
20223,972avg: $49,841median: $50,755
Department for Community Based Services2022 3,972 $49,841$50,755View Details
Department of Corrections
20223,282avg: $43,990median: $41,913
Department of Corrections2022 3,282 $43,990$41,913View Details
Administrative Office of the Courts
20223,147avg: $54,285median: $42,532
Administrative Office of the Courts2022 3,147 $54,285$42,532View Details
Hardin County School District
20223,096avg: $28,643median: $19,784
Hardin County School District2022 3,096 $28,643$19,784View Details
Warren County Public School District
20222,950avg: $29,611median: $23,486
Warren County Public School District2022 2,950 $29,611$23,486View Details
Northern Kentucky University
20222,751avg: $41,943median: $32,499
Northern Kentucky University2022 2,751 $41,943$32,499View Details
Bullitt County Public School District
20222,689avg: $27,599median: $19,687
Bullitt County Public School District2022 2,689 $27,599$19,687View Details
Kenton County School District
20222,382avg: $34,095median: $31,963
Kenton County School District2022 2,382 $34,095$31,963View Details
Daviess County Public School District
20222,364avg: $28,923median: $20,264
Daviess County Public School District2022 2,364 $28,923$20,264View Details
Eastern Kentucky University
20222,311avg: $12,802median: $12,419
Eastern Kentucky University2022 2,311 $12,802$12,419View Details
Madison County School District
20222,279avg: $27,595median: $18,473
Madison County School District2022 2,279 $27,595$18,473View Details