Mississippi State Employee Salaries

We have 114,082 Mississippi state employee salaries in our database. Average government employee salary in MS is $40,760 and median salary is $40,746. Look up state of Mississippi public employee salaries by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in Jackson by school name or teacher name.

Mississippi Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Mississippi State University
20225,085avg: $67,298median: $55,000
Mississippi State University2022 5,085 $67,298$55,000View Details
University of Southern Mississippi
20225,039avg: $26,127median: $9,717
University of Southern Mississippi2022 5,039 $26,127$9,717View Details
Desoto County School District
20224,595avg: $38,485median: $42,261
Desoto County School District2022 4,595 $38,485$42,261View Details
Jackson Public School District
20223,679avg: $35,253median: $39,319
Jackson Public School District2022 3,679 $35,253$39,319View Details
Department of Transportation
20222,983avg: $45,564median: $39,124
Department of Transportation2022 2,983 $45,564$39,124View Details
Rankin County School District
20222,431avg: $44,246median: $45,260
Rankin County School District2022 2,431 $44,246$45,260View Details
Harrison County School District
20222,085avg: $39,588median: $42,375
Harrison County School District2022 2,085 $39,588$42,375View Details
Mississippi State Department of Health
20221,927avg: $49,473median: $45,967
Mississippi State Department of Health2022 1,927 $49,473$45,967View Details
Mississippi Department of Human Services, Department of Child Protection Services
20221,835avg: $45,431median: $43,701
Mississippi Department of Human Services, Department of Child Protection Services2022 1,835 $45,431$43,701View Details
Madison County School District
20221,768avg: $46,687median: $47,286
Madison County School District2022 1,768 $46,687$47,286View Details
Lamar County School District
20221,609avg: $38,683median: $41,990
Lamar County School District2022 1,609 $38,683$41,990View Details
Pascagoula Gautier School District
20221,468avg: $39,157median: $43,110
Pascagoula Gautier School District2022 1,468 $39,157$43,110View Details
Jackson County School District
20221,371avg: $38,281median: $42,555
Jackson County School District2022 1,371 $38,281$42,555View Details
Jones County School District
20221,190avg: $36,603median: $40,447
Jones County School District2022 1,190 $36,603$40,447View Details
Mississippi Division of Medicaid
20221,132avg: $42,137median: $35,668
Mississippi Division of Medicaid2022 1,132 $42,137$35,668View Details
Tupelo Public School District
20221,105avg: $40,596median: $43,005
Tupelo Public School District2022 1,105 $40,596$43,005View Details
Vicksburg Warren School District
20221,085avg: $42,072median: $42,680
Vicksburg Warren School District2022 1,085 $42,072$42,680View Details
Lee County School District
2022960avg: $39,076median: $41,780
Lee County School District2022 960 $39,076$41,780View Details
Harrison County
2022937avg: $43,132median: $40,623
Harrison County2022 937 $43,132$40,623View Details
Mississippi Department of Human Services, Economic Assistance and TANF
2022928avg: $31,234median: $29,603
Mississippi Department of Human Services, Economic Assistance and TANF2022 928 $31,234$29,603View Details