Massachusetts State Employee Salaries

We have 477,465 Massachusetts employee salaries in our database. Average Mass state employee salary is $51,690 and median salary is $45,670. Look up MA public employee salaries by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in Boston by school name or teacher name.

Massachusetts Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
University of Massachusetts System
202228,462avg: $51,371median: $38,524
University of Massachusetts System2022 28,462 $51,371$38,524View Details
City of Boston
202222,511avg: $82,801median: $78,464
City of Boston2022 22,511 $82,801$78,464View Details
Department of Developmental Services
20228,377avg: $49,561median: $46,135
Department of Developmental Services2022 8,377 $49,561$46,135View Details
Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority
20228,318avg: $73,261median: $78,341
Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority2022 8,318 $73,261$78,341View Details
City of Worcester
20227,947avg: $61,246median: $60,416
City of Worcester2022 7,947 $61,246$60,416View Details
Executive Office of the Trial Court
20227,846avg: $66,290median: $62,921
Executive Office of the Trial Court2022 7,846 $66,290$62,921View Details
City of Springfield
20226,383avg: $62,395median: $66,054
City of Springfield2022 6,383 $62,395$66,054View Details
Department of Children and Families
20225,691avg: $54,681median: $61,618
Department of Children and Families2022 5,691 $54,681$61,618View Details
Massachusetts Department of Transportation
20225,346avg: $62,849median: $62,848
Massachusetts Department of Transportation2022 5,346 $62,849$62,848View Details
Department of Corrections
20225,188avg: $80,112median: $88,612
Department of Corrections2022 5,188 $80,112$88,612View Details
Department of Mental Health
20224,747avg: $63,829median: $63,370
Department of Mental Health2022 4,747 $63,829$63,370View Details
City of Brockton
20224,689avg: $65,501median: $57,670
City of Brockton2022 4,689 $65,501$57,670View Details
City of Lynn
20224,670avg: $54,786median: $52,303
City of Lynn2022 4,670 $54,786$52,303View Details
City of New Bedford
20224,485avg: $53,056median: $49,091
City of New Bedford2022 4,485 $53,056$49,091View Details
Department of Public Health
20224,194avg: $67,789median: $67,103
Department of Public Health2022 4,194 $67,789$67,103View Details
City of Fall River
20224,094avg: $44,961median: $40,080
City of Fall River2022 4,094 $44,961$40,080View Details
City of Lawrence
20223,886avg: $53,918median: $52,956
City of Lawrence2022 3,886 $53,918$52,956View Details
Town of Brookline
20223,717avg: $52,180median: $37,677
Town of Brookline2022 3,717 $52,180$37,677View Details
Massachusetts State Police
20223,547avg: $99,133median: $100,837
Massachusetts State Police2022 3,547 $99,133$100,837View Details
Department of Conservation and Recreation
20223,533avg: $27,777median: $12,623
Department of Conservation and Recreation2022 3,533 $27,777$12,623View Details