School District Salaries

School District Payrolls

School District NameStateEmployees NumberAverage Salary
A-C Central Comm Unit Sd 262
IL2018employees: 54average:$15,913
A-C Central Comm Unit Sd 262IL 54 $15,913View Salaries
A.C.G.C. Public School District
MN2017employees: 75average:$54,178
A.C.G.C. Public School DistrictMN 75 $54,178View Salaries
Abbotsford Sch Dist
WI2017employees: 53average:$52,671
Abbotsford Sch DistWI 53 $52,671View Salaries
Abbott Isd
TX2018employees: 39average:$41,582
Abbott IsdTX 39 $41,582View Salaries
Abc Preschool
NE2018employees: 2average:$43,539
Abc PreschoolNE 2 $43,539View Salaries
Abc Unified School District
CA2018employees: 1357average:$72,976
Abc Unified School DistrictCA 1,357 $72,976View Salaries
Abernathy Isd
TX2018employees: 131average:$40,909
Abernathy IsdTX 131 $40,909View Salaries
KS2018employees: 110average:$53,155
AbileneKS 110 $53,155View Salaries
Abilene Isd
TX2018employees: 2535average:$39,201
Abilene IsdTX 2,535 $39,201View Salaries
Abingdon-Avon Cusd 276
IL2018employees: 92average:$38,561
Abingdon-Avon Cusd 276IL 92 $38,561View Salaries
Abingdon-Avon Sd 276
IL2018employees: 78average:$17,955
Abingdon-Avon Sd 276IL 78 $17,955View Salaries
Abington Heights Sd
PA2018employees: 262average:$65,768
Abington Heights SdPA 262 $65,768View Salaries
Abington Sd
PA2018employees: 649average:$92,477
Abington SdPA 649 $92,477View Salaries
Absecon Bd Of Ed
NJ2018employees: 107average:$60,859
Absecon Bd Of EdNJ 107 $60,859View Salaries
Academics Plus School District
AR2018employees: 153average:$31,612
Academics Plus School DistrictAR 153 $31,612View Salaries
Academy Isd
TX2018employees: 212average:$42,994
Academy IsdTX 212 $42,994View Salaries
Acalanes Union High School District
CA2016employees: 169average:$46,554
Acalanes Union High School DistrictCA 169 $46,554View Salaries
Accept Educational Collaborative
MA2018employees: 39average:$37,796
Accept Educational CollaborativeMA 39 $37,796View Salaries
Achievement School District-State Employees Of District
TN2018employees: 144average:$54,207
Achievement School District-State Employees Of DistrictTN 144 $54,207View Salaries
Achievement School District-State Employees Of Managed Schools
TN2018employees: 1average:$86,766
Achievement School District-State Employees Of Managed SchoolsTN 1 $86,766View Salaries
Achievement School District-Teachers Of District
TN2017employees: 189average:$56,699
Achievement School District-Teachers Of DistrictTN 189 $56,699View Salaries
Achievement School District-Teachers Of Managed Schools
TN2017employees: 1average:$236,384
Achievement School District-Teachers Of Managed SchoolsTN 1 $236,384View Salaries
Ackerman Elementary School District
CA2016employees: 20average:$27,733
Ackerman Elementary School DistrictCA 20 $27,733View Salaries
Acton-Agua Dulce Unified School District
CA2018employees: 90average:$68,329
Acton-Agua Dulce Unified School DistrictCA 90 $68,329View Salaries
Ada-Borup Public School District
MN2017employees: 46average:$49,884
Ada-Borup Public School DistrictMN 46 $49,884View Salaries
Adair Co. R-i
MO2016employees: 2average:$58,600
Adair Co. R-iMO 2 $58,600View Salaries
Adair Co. R-ii
MO2016employees: 1average:$72,329
Adair Co. R-iiMO 1 $72,329View Salaries
Adams Central Community School Corporation (Adams)
IN2018employees: 345average:$20,748
Adams Central Community School Corporation (Adams)IN 345 $20,748View Salaries
Adams-Cheshire Regional Schools
MA2018employees: 129average:$53,959
Adams-Cheshire Regional SchoolsMA 129 $53,959View Salaries
Adams-Friendship Area Sch Dist
WI2017employees: 149average:$49,579
Adams-Friendship Area Sch DistWI 149 $49,579View Salaries
Addison Csd
NY2018employees: 121average:$18,738
Addison CsdNY 121 $18,738View Salaries
Addison Sd 4
IL2018employees: 646average:$42,588
Addison Sd 4IL 646 $42,588View Salaries
Adelanto School District
CA2016employees: 401average:$34,827
Adelanto School DistrictCA 401 $34,827View Salaries
Adirondack Csd
NY2018employees: 144average:$26,530
Adirondack CsdNY 144 $26,530View Salaries
Adlai E Stevenson Hsd 125
IL2018employees: 262average:$40,740
Adlai E Stevenson Hsd 125IL 262 $40,740View Salaries
Adrian Isd
TX2018employees: 32average:$36,002
Adrian IsdTX 32 $36,002View Salaries
Adrian Public School District
MN2017employees: 46average:$46,192
Adrian Public School DistrictMN 46 $46,192View Salaries
Adrian R-iii
MO2016employees: 1average:$94,860
Adrian R-iiiMO 1 $94,860View Salaries
Advance R-iv
MO2016employees: 1average:$105,424
Advance R-ivMO 1 $105,424View Salaries
Affton 101
MO2016employees: 4average:$132,332
Affton 101MO 4 $132,332View Salaries
Afton Csd
NY2018employees: 84average:$22,398
Afton CsdNY 84 $22,398View Salaries
Agawam Public Schools
MA2018employees: 430average:$68,940
Agawam Public SchoolsMA 430 $68,940View Salaries
Agua Dulce Isd
TX2018employees: 59average:$43,769
Agua Dulce IsdTX 59 $43,769View Salaries
Aitkin Public School District
MN2017employees: 3866average:$68,831
Aitkin Public School DistrictMN 3,866 $68,831View Salaries
Akin Ccsd 91
IL2018employees: 10average:$57,903
Akin Ccsd 91IL 10 $57,903View Salaries
Akron Csd
NY2018employees: 132average:$24,656
Akron CsdNY 132 $24,656View Salaries
Alameda City Unified School District
CA2018employees: 663average:$64,587
Alameda City Unified School DistrictCA 663 $64,587View Salaries
Alameda County Schools
CA2018employees: 10885average:$43,366
Alameda County SchoolsCA 10,885 $43,366View Salaries
Alamo Heights Isd
TX2018employees: 634average:$50,762
Alamo Heights IsdTX 634 $50,762View Salaries
Alba Public Schools
MI2018employees: 28average:$21,707
Alba Public SchoolsMI 28 $21,707View Salaries
Alba-Golden Isd
TX2018employees: 136average:$37,966
Alba-Golden IsdTX 136 $37,966View Salaries
Albany City Unified Sch Dist
CA2016employees: 238average:$32,658
Albany City Unified Sch DistCA 238 $32,658View Salaries
Albany City Unified School District
CA2018employees: 287average:$70,106
Albany City Unified School DistrictCA 287 $70,106View Salaries
Albany Isd
TX2018employees: 91average:$43,917
Albany IsdTX 91 $43,917View Salaries
Albany Public School District
MN2017employees: 143average:$59,192
Albany Public School DistrictMN 143 $59,192View Salaries
Albany Sch Dist
WI2017employees: 42average:$47,684
Albany Sch DistWI 42 $47,684View Salaries
Albers Sd 63
IL2018employees: 17average:$39,963
Albers Sd 63IL 17 $39,963View Salaries
Albert Gallatin Area Sd
PA2018employees: 257average:$58,678
Albert Gallatin Area SdPA 257 $58,678View Salaries
Albert Lea Public School District
MN2017employees: 307average:$58,639
Albert Lea Public School DistrictMN 307 $58,639View Salaries
Albion Csd
NY2018employees: 111average:$22,301
Albion CsdNY 111 $22,301View Salaries