South Dakota State Employee Salaries

We have 25,297 South Dakota state employee salaries in our database. Average government employee salary in SD is $41,012 and median salary is $43,970. Look up South Dakota state employee salary by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in Sioux Falls by school name or teacher name.

South Dakota Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
South Dakota State University
20221,830avg: $63,324median: $54,192
South Dakota State University2022 1,830 $63,324$54,192View Details
City of Sioux Falls
20221,710avg: $24,192median: $32
City of Sioux Falls2022 1,710 $24,192$32View Details
University of South Dakota
20221,670avg: $58,169median: $48,610
University of South Dakota2022 1,670 $58,169$48,610View Details
South Dakota School of Mines & Technology
20221,647avg: $22,562median: $4,715
South Dakota School of Mines & Technology2022 1,647 $22,562$4,715View Details
Pennington County
20221,215avg: $36,032median: $39,039
Pennington County2022 1,215 $36,032$39,039View Details
City of Rapid City
2022833avg: $61,345median: $58,032
City of Rapid City2022 833 $61,345$58,032View Details
System General Education
2022651avg: $63,728median: $57,765
System General Education2022 651 $63,728$57,765View Details
Black Hills State University
2022527avg: $40,087median: $38,669
Black Hills State University2022 527 $40,087$38,669View Details
City of Vermillion
2022363avg: $19,394median: $5,254
City of Vermillion2022 363 $19,394$5,254View Details
City of Yankton
2022344avg: $27,498median: $8,761
City of Yankton2022 344 $27,498$8,761View Details
City of Spearfish
2022300avg: $26,760median: $9,921
City of Spearfish2022 300 $26,760$9,921View Details
City of Mitchell
2022180avg: $11,841median: $26
City of Mitchell2022 180 $11,841$26View Details
Lincoln High School - 02
2022164avg: $42,907median: $47,880
Lincoln High School - 022022 164 $42,907$47,880View Details
Roosevelt High School - 03
2022161avg: $44,705median: $47,172
Roosevelt High School - 032022 161 $44,705$47,172View Details
Lawrence County
2022160avg: $418median: $26
Lawrence County2022 160 $418$26View Details
Washington High School
2022159avg: $45,098median: $48,218
Washington High School2022 159 $45,098$48,218View Details
Rapid City Central High School
2022135avg: $45,919median: $46,560
Rapid City Central High School2022 135 $45,919$46,560View Details
Hughes County
2022119avg: $51,067median: $48,409
Hughes County2022 119 $51,067$48,409View Details
Harrisburg High School
2022119avg: $52,263median: $52,650
Harrisburg High School2022 119 $52,263$52,650View Details
Stevens High School - 42
2022114avg: $45,348median: $50,000
Stevens High School - 422022 114 $45,348$50,000View Details