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Employers Number 770

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Academy for Advanced and Creative Learning
201768avg: $17,240median: $11,339
Academy for Advanced and Creative Learning2017 68 $17,240$11,339View Details
Adams County Fpd
201897avg: $89,508median: $89,786
Adams County Fpd2018 97 $89,508$89,786View Details
Adams State College
2018131avg: $34,807median: $31,068
Adams State College2018 131 $34,807$31,068View Details
Adams State College
2016131avg: $34,936median: $31,068
Adams State College2016 131 $34,936$31,068View Details
Adams State University
2017131avg: $34,936median: $31,068
Adams State University2017 131 $34,936$31,068View Details
2017909avg: $22,940median: $11,284
Agriculture2017 909 $22,940$11,284View Details
Alamosa Police
201823avg: $44,288median: $45,223
Alamosa Police2018 23 $44,288$45,223View Details
Alma Police
20181avg: $55,650median: $55,650
Alma Police2018 1 $55,650$55,650View Details
Antonito Police
20183avg: $24,535median: $32,136
Antonito Police2018 3 $24,535$32,136View Details
Arapahoe Community College
2018117avg: $35,916median: $38,931
Arapahoe Community College2018 117 $35,916$38,931View Details
Arapahoe Community College
2017104avg: $27,818median: $26,715
Arapahoe Community College2017 104 $27,818$26,715View Details
Arapahoe Community College
201635avg: $41,002median: $41,964
Arapahoe Community College2016 35 $41,002$41,964View Details
Arvada Fpd
2018154avg: $87,085median: $87,872
Arvada Fpd2018 154 $87,085$87,872View Details
Arvada Police
2018180avg: $76,615median: $85,121
Arvada Police2018 180 $76,615$85,121View Details
Aspen Fpd
20182avg: $130,441median: $130,441
Aspen Fpd2018 2 $130,441$130,441View Details
Aspen Police
201825avg: $74,536median: $70,736
Aspen Police2018 25 $74,536$70,736View Details
Ault Fpd
20183avg: $27,351median: $35,365
Ault Fpd2018 3 $27,351$35,365View Details
Ault Police
20185avg: $50,403median: $47,586
Ault Police2018 5 $50,403$47,586View Details
Auraria Higher Educaiton Center
2018366avg: $47,937median: $41,886
Auraria Higher Educaiton Center2018 366 $47,937$41,886View Details
Auraria Higher Educaiton Center
2016362avg: $44,971median: $40,302
Auraria Higher Educaiton Center2016 362 $44,971$40,302View Details

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