Colorado Employers

Employers Number 2382

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
School District of Jeffco Public Schools
201718,424avg: $28,367median: $19,336
School District of Jeffco Public Schools2017 18,424 $28,367$19,336View Details
City Of Denver
201816,707avg: $60,327median: $56,493
City Of Denver2018 16,707 $60,327$56,493View Details
City of Denver
202016,324avg: $62,304median: $60,085
City of Denver2020 16,324 $62,304$60,085View Details
City Of Denver
201615,565avg: $55,153median: $52,586
City Of Denver2016 15,565 $55,153$52,586View Details
Denver Public Schools
201814,677avg: $41,057median: $43,809
Denver Public Schools2018 14,677 $41,057$43,809View Details
Jeffco Public Schools
202114,666avg: $41,278median: $39,411
Jeffco Public Schools2021 14,666 $41,278$39,411View Details
City of Denver
201914,511avg: $65,360median: $62,000
City of Denver2019 14,511 $65,360$62,000View Details
Denver Public Schools
201914,458avg: $41,682median: $43,875
Denver Public Schools2019 14,458 $41,682$43,875View Details
Denver Public Schools
202013,946avg: $45,814median: $48,435
Denver Public Schools2020 13,946 $45,814$48,435View Details
Denver Public Schools
202113,671avg: $47,584median: $50,584
Denver Public Schools2021 13,671 $47,584$50,584View Details
City of Denver
201713,479avg: $61,497median: $57,366
City of Denver2017 13,479 $61,497$57,366View Details
Denver Public Schools
201712,744avg: $44,878median: $46,052
Denver Public Schools2017 12,744 $44,878$46,052View Details
Fppa Statewide Death And Disability Plan Of Colorado
201712,017avg: $74,047median: $79,641
Fppa Statewide Death And Disability Plan Of Colorado2017 12,017 $74,047$79,641View Details
Jeffco Public Schools
202011,636avg: $50,097median: $49,690
Jeffco Public Schools2020 11,636 $50,097$49,690View Details
University of Colorado Boulder
202010,926avg: $64,005median: $56,818
University of Colorado Boulder2020 10,926 $64,005$56,818View Details
Poudre School District
202010,727avg: $18,389median: $3,000
Poudre School District2020 10,727 $18,389$3,000View Details
Jeffco Public Schools
201910,339avg: $52,908median: $54,293
Jeffco Public Schools2019 10,339 $52,908$54,293View Details
Douglas County School District
20209,376avg: $37,617median: $32,609
Douglas County School District2020 9,376 $37,617$32,609View Details
Douglas County School District
20199,358avg: $35,993median: $29,483
Douglas County School District2019 9,358 $35,993$29,483View Details
Douglas County School District
20219,327avg: $36,718median: $30,475
Douglas County School District2021 9,327 $36,718$30,475View Details

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