Colorado State Employee Salaries

We have 245,754 Colorado state employee salaries in our database. Average government employee salary in Colorado is $49,562 and median salary is $48,484. Look up Colorado government employee salaries by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in Denver by school name or teacher name.

Colorado Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Denver Public Schools
202220,081avg: $37,493median: $26,269
Denver Public Schools2022 20,081 $37,493$26,269View Details
City of Denver
202216,879avg: $65,686median: $61,848
City of Denver2022 16,879 $65,686$61,848View Details
Jeffco Public Schools
202214,877avg: $43,333median: $43,274
Jeffco Public Schools2022 14,877 $43,333$43,274View Details
Poudre School District
202211,692avg: $17,270median: $3,007
Poudre School District2022 11,692 $17,270$3,007View Details
University of Colorado Boulder
202211,485avg: $64,274median: $59,561
University of Colorado Boulder2022 11,485 $64,274$59,561View Details
Douglas County School District
20229,194avg: $38,617median: $32,628
Douglas County School District2022 9,194 $38,617$32,628View Details
Department of Corrections
20226,369avg: $63,054median: $59,388
Department of Corrections2022 6,369 $63,054$59,388View Details
Adams 12 Five Star Schools
20226,354avg: $46,098median: $41,623
Adams 12 Five Star Schools2022 6,354 $46,098$41,623View Details
Boulder Valley School District
20225,995avg: $47,033median: $36,014
Boulder Valley School District2022 5,995 $47,033$36,014View Details
St. Vrain Valley School District
20225,350avg: $41,947median: $36,041
St. Vrain Valley School District2022 5,350 $41,947$36,041View Details
Aurora Public Schools
20225,068avg: $61,019median: $62,134
Aurora Public Schools2022 5,068 $61,019$62,134View Details
City of Aurora
20224,772avg: $73,090median: $67,679
City of Aurora2022 4,772 $73,090$67,679View Details
Colorado Judicial Branch
20224,600avg: $72,791median: $59,153
Colorado Judicial Branch2022 4,600 $72,791$59,153View Details
Academy District 20
20224,524avg: $55,182median: $39,014
Academy District 202022 4,524 $55,182$39,014View Details
Pueblo City Schools
20224,170avg: $42,071median: $42,587
Pueblo City Schools2022 4,170 $42,071$42,587View Details
Department of Transportation
20223,580avg: $67,373median: $60,564
Department of Transportation2022 3,580 $67,373$60,564View Details
County of Boulder
20223,509avg: $4,315median: $4,898
County of Boulder2022 3,509 $4,315$4,898View Details
Colorado Springs School District 11
20223,418avg: $48,202median: $47,133
Colorado Springs School District 112022 3,418 $48,202$47,133View Details
Thompson School District
20223,241avg: $35,573median: $28,305
Thompson School District2022 3,241 $35,573$28,305View Details
University of Colorado Colorado Springs
20223,195avg: $31,957median: $9,150
University of Colorado Colorado Springs2022 3,195 $31,957$9,150View Details