Virginia State Employee Salaries

We have 499,042 Virginia state salaries in our database. Average Virginia state employee salary is $55,200 and median salary is $53,185. Look up Virginia state employee salaries database, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in Virginia Beach by school name or teacher name.

Virginia Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Fairfax County Public Schools
202327,197avg: $74,125median: $73,137
Fairfax County Public Schools2023 27,197 $74,125$73,137View Details
University of Virginia
202324,020avg: $79,681median: $66,560
University of Virginia2023 24,020 $79,681$66,560View Details
Virginia Beach City Public Schools
202314,226avg: $41,925median: $40,830
Virginia Beach City Public Schools2023 14,226 $41,925$40,830View Details
Prince William County Public Schools
202313,566avg: $64,034median: $63,303
Prince William County Public Schools2023 13,566 $64,034$63,303View Details
Loudoun County Public Schools
202312,715avg: $75,475median: $76,623
Loudoun County Public Schools2023 12,715 $75,475$76,623View Details
Fairfax County
202312,608avg: $90,315median: $85,855
Fairfax County2023 12,608 $90,315$85,855View Details
City of Virginia Beach
20239,933avg: $46,870median: $43,821
City of Virginia Beach2023 9,933 $46,870$43,821View Details
Virginia Tech
20238,848avg: $90,585median: $71,302
Virginia Tech2023 8,848 $90,585$71,302View Details
Virginia Department of Transportation
20238,827avg: $65,847median: $59,868
Virginia Department of Transportation2023 8,827 $65,847$59,868View Details
Chesterfield County Public Schools
20237,758avg: $54,839median: $56,402
Chesterfield County Public Schools2023 7,758 $54,839$56,402View Details
Virginia Commonwealth University
20237,576avg: $85,478median: $69,617
Virginia Commonwealth University2023 7,576 $85,478$69,617View Details
Henrico County Public Schools
20237,349avg: $55,346median: $58,581
Henrico County Public Schools2023 7,349 $55,346$58,581View Details
Norfolk Public Schools
20236,564avg: $43,182median: $45,110
Norfolk Public Schools2023 6,564 $43,182$45,110View Details
Chesapeake Public Schools
20236,404avg: $54,086median: $57,173
Chesapeake Public Schools2023 6,404 $54,086$57,173View Details
George Mason University
20236,370avg: $84,313median: $74,017
George Mason University2023 6,370 $84,313$74,017View Details
Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control
20236,351avg: $21,927median: $11,201
Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control2023 6,351 $21,927$11,201View Details
Prince William County
20236,279avg: $51,766median: $62,482
Prince William County2023 6,279 $51,766$62,482View Details
Stafford County Public Schools
20236,278avg: $34,566median: $29,658
Stafford County Public Schools2023 6,278 $34,566$29,658View Details
Newport News Public Schools
20235,584avg: $43,383median: $44,718
Newport News Public Schools2023 5,584 $43,383$44,718View Details
Loudoun County
20235,088avg: $82,078median: $78,389
Loudoun County2023 5,088 $82,078$78,389View Details