Virginia State Employee Salaries

We have 430,504 Virginia state salaries in our database. Average Virginia state employee salary is $52,626 and median salary is $50,465. Look up Virginia state employee salaries database, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in Virginia Beach by school name or teacher name.

Virginia Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Fairfax County Public Schools
202227,458avg: $70,897median: $70,765
Fairfax County Public Schools2022 27,458 $70,897$70,765View Details
University of Virginia
202222,531avg: $74,150median: $62,418
University of Virginia2022 22,531 $74,150$62,418View Details
Loudoun County Public Schools
202217,096avg: $54,392median: $58,299
Loudoun County Public Schools2022 17,096 $54,392$58,299View Details
Fairfax County
202212,445avg: $83,542median: $79,433
Fairfax County2022 12,445 $83,542$79,433View Details
Virginia Beach City Public Schools
202210,209avg: $47,110median: $50,223
Virginia Beach City Public Schools2022 10,209 $47,110$50,223View Details
Virginia Tech
20229,506avg: $73,914median: $57,393
Virginia Tech2022 9,506 $73,914$57,393View Details
Virginia Department of Transportation
20228,707avg: $62,714median: $58,110
Virginia Department of Transportation2022 8,707 $62,714$58,110View Details
Chesapeake Public Schools
20228,136avg: $39,068median: $37,207
Chesapeake Public Schools2022 8,136 $39,068$37,207View Details
Chesterfield County Public Schools
20227,880avg: $49,228median: $51,828
Chesterfield County Public Schools2022 7,880 $49,228$51,828View Details
City of Virginia Beach
20227,153avg: $53,724median: $54,740
City of Virginia Beach2022 7,153 $53,724$54,740View Details
Prince William County
20227,151avg: $54,346median: $56,920
Prince William County2022 7,151 $54,346$56,920View Details
Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control
20227,008avg: $18,164median: $7,879
Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control2022 7,008 $18,164$7,879View Details
Loudoun County
20226,997avg: $53,746median: $50,086
Loudoun County2022 6,997 $53,746$50,086View Details
Henrico County Public Schools
20226,820avg: $52,160median: $54,153
Henrico County Public Schools2022 6,820 $52,160$54,153View Details
George Mason University
20226,174avg: $79,983median: $69,300
George Mason University2022 6,174 $79,983$69,300View Details
Stafford County Public Schools
20225,897avg: $35,834median: $33,962
Stafford County Public Schools2022 5,897 $35,834$33,962View Details
Norfolk Public Schools
20225,414avg: $50,288median: $54,928
Norfolk Public Schools2022 5,414 $50,288$54,928View Details
City of Norfolk
20225,402avg: $50,315median: $48,127
City of Norfolk2022 5,402 $50,315$48,127View Details
Newport News Public Schools
20225,177avg: $42,072median: $44,115
Newport News Public Schools2022 5,177 $42,072$44,115View Details
City of Chesapeake
20224,028avg: $58,602median: $53,577
City of Chesapeake2022 4,028 $58,602$53,577View Details