Idaho State Employee Salaries

We have 85,188 Idaho employee salaries in our database. Average government employee salary in Idaho is $45,663 and median salary is $45,468. Look up Idaho public employee salaries by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in your city by school name or teacher name.

Idaho Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Joint School District No. 2
20224,473avg: $38,625median: $41,600
Joint School District No. 22022 4,473 $38,625$41,600View Details
Boise State University
20223,253avg: $68,440median: $58,697
Boise State University2022 3,253 $68,440$58,697View Details
Boise Independent District
20223,119avg: $50,340median: $49,824
Boise Independent District2022 3,119 $50,340$49,824View Details
Idaho Department of Health & Welfare
20223,010avg: $57,154median: $56,617
Idaho Department of Health & Welfare2022 3,010 $57,154$56,617View Details
University of Idaho
20222,879avg: $59,904median: $53,019
University of Idaho2022 2,879 $59,904$53,019View Details
Ada County
20222,046avg: $67,506median: $60,736
Ada County2022 2,046 $67,506$60,736View Details
Idaho Department of Correction
20221,863avg: $53,616median: $51,646
Idaho Department of Correction2022 1,863 $53,616$51,646View Details
Idaho State University
20221,862avg: $63,802median: $55,000
Idaho State University2022 1,862 $63,802$55,000View Details
City of Boise
20221,845avg: $67,629median: $66,685
City of Boise2022 1,845 $67,629$66,685View Details
Idaho Department of Transportation
20221,677avg: $57,197median: $53,185
Idaho Department of Transportation2022 1,677 $57,197$53,185View Details
Bonneville Joint District
20221,587avg: $35,497median: $40,369
Bonneville Joint District2022 1,587 $35,497$40,369View Details
Nampa School District
20221,471avg: $40,426median: $43,892
Nampa School District2022 1,471 $40,426$43,892View Details
Idaho Falls District
20221,408avg: $32,931median: $28,380
Idaho Falls District2022 1,408 $32,931$28,380View Details
Pocatello District
20221,407avg: $39,210median: $42,340
Pocatello District2022 1,407 $39,210$42,340View Details
Coeur D'Alene District
20221,369avg: $39,123median: $40,000
Coeur D'Alene District2022 1,369 $39,123$40,000View Details
City of Idaho Falls
20221,362avg: $38,926median: $26,945
City of Idaho Falls2022 1,362 $38,926$26,945View Details
Twin Falls District
20221,256avg: $32,174median: $26,585
Twin Falls District2022 1,256 $32,174$26,585View Details
Canyon County
20221,124avg: $46,363median: $46,420
Canyon County2022 1,124 $46,363$46,420View Details
North Idaho College
20221,066avg: $30,111median: $17,285
North Idaho College2022 1,066 $30,111$17,285View Details
Lewis-Clark State College
20221,040avg: $22,380median: $36
Lewis-Clark State College2022 1,040 $22,380$36View Details