Nevada State Employee Salaries

We have 111,709 Nevada employee salaries in our database. Average government employee salary in Nevada is $72,578 and median salary is $69,988. Look up Nevada public employee salaries by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in your city by school name or teacher name.

Nevada Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Clark County School District
202140,929avg: $66,857median: $68,756
Clark County School District2021 40,929 $66,857$68,756View Details
Clark County
20219,904avg: $84,355median: $84,925
Clark County2021 9,904 $84,355$84,925View Details
Washoe County School District
20219,815avg: $57,417median: $60,649
Washoe County School District2021 9,815 $57,417$60,649View Details
Las Vegas Metro Police Department
20216,305avg: $132,137median: $130,046
Las Vegas Metro Police Department2021 6,305 $132,137$130,046View Details
University of Nevada Las Vegas
20215,723avg: $77,875median: $65,552
University of Nevada Las Vegas2021 5,723 $77,875$65,552View Details
University of Nevada Reno
20214,956avg: $71,111median: $63,751
University of Nevada Reno2021 4,956 $71,111$63,751View Details
University Medical Center
20214,585avg: $89,261median: $79,846
University Medical Center2021 4,585 $89,261$79,846View Details
Las Vegas
20213,925avg: $91,080median: $96,867
Las Vegas2021 3,925 $91,080$96,867View Details
College of Southern Nevada
20212,457avg: $51,352median: $41,762
College of Southern Nevada2021 2,457 $51,352$41,762View Details
20211,904avg: $96,820median: $98,272
Reno2021 1,904 $96,820$98,272View Details
Elko County School District
20211,749avg: $55,027median: $51,526
Elko County School District2021 1,749 $55,027$51,526View Details
Lyon County School District
20211,596avg: $50,137median: $43,365
Lyon County School District2021 1,596 $50,137$43,365View Details
Carson City School District
20211,240avg: $60,843median: $58,996
Carson City School District2021 1,240 $60,843$58,996View Details
Truckee Meadows Community College
20211,239avg: $36,440median: $12,974
Truckee Meadows Community College2021 1,239 $36,440$12,974View Details
Nye County School District
20211,139avg: $49,168median: $43,282
Nye County School District2021 1,139 $49,168$43,282View Details
Douglas County School District
20211,110avg: $50,033median: $42,697
Douglas County School District2021 1,110 $50,033$42,697View Details
Pinecrest Academy of Nevada
2021754avg: $40,414median: $35,248
Pinecrest Academy of Nevada2021 754 $40,414$35,248View Details
Legislative Counsel Bureau
2021717avg: $62,894median: $40,119
Legislative Counsel Bureau2021 717 $62,894$40,119View Details
Las Vegas-Clark County Library District
2021707avg: $52,166median: $26,427
Las Vegas-Clark County Library District2021 707 $52,166$26,427View Details
2021702avg: $119,500median: $122,385
Sparks2021 702 $119,500$122,385View Details