Arkansas State Employee Salaries

We have 154,687 Arkansas employee salaries in our database. Average government employee salary in Arkansas is $40,987 and median salary is $41,488. Look up Arkansas state salaries by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in Little Rock by school name or teacher name.

Arkansas Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Arkansas Department of Human Services
20226,831avg: $45,341median: $42,116
Arkansas Department of Human Services2022 6,831 $45,341$42,116View Details
Arkansas Department of Transportation
20223,676avg: $52,726median: $45,344
Arkansas Department of Transportation2022 3,676 $52,726$45,344View Details
Little Rock School District
20223,446avg: $51,253median: $53,681
Little Rock School District2022 3,446 $51,253$53,681View Details
Springdale School District
20223,160avg: $48,486median: $54,503
Springdale School District2022 3,160 $48,486$54,503View Details
Department of Correction
20223,095avg: $45,953median: $44,106
Department of Correction2022 3,095 $45,953$44,106View Details
City of Little Rock
20223,041avg: $43,844median: $40,378
City of Little Rock2022 3,041 $43,844$40,378View Details
University of Arkansas at Little Rock
20222,855avg: $29,390median: $13,000
University of Arkansas at Little Rock2022 2,855 $29,390$13,000View Details
Bentonville School District
20222,448avg: $51,803median: $55,616
Bentonville School District2022 2,448 $51,803$55,616View Details
University of Central Arkansas
20222,306avg: $36,578median: $28,035
University of Central Arkansas2022 2,306 $36,578$28,035View Details
Pulaski County Special School District
20222,302avg: $42,070median: $42,896
Pulaski County Special School District2022 2,302 $42,070$42,896View Details
Fort Smith School District
20222,200avg: $45,264median: $46,652
Fort Smith School District2022 2,200 $45,264$46,652View Details
Rogers School District
20222,168avg: $47,770median: $54,458
Rogers School District2022 2,168 $47,770$54,458View Details
Pulaski County
20222,138avg: $25,768median: $17,533
Pulaski County2022 2,138 $25,768$17,533View Details
Arkansas Department of Health
20221,974avg: $55,932median: $47,896
Arkansas Department of Health2022 1,974 $55,932$47,896View Details
Fayetteville School District
20221,616avg: $49,204median: $54,761
Fayetteville School District2022 1,616 $49,204$54,761View Details
Cabot School District
20221,491avg: $44,429median: $47,140
Cabot School District2022 1,491 $44,429$47,140View Details
Southern Arkansas University
20221,417avg: $11,354median: $2,700
Southern Arkansas University2022 1,417 $11,354$2,700View Details
North Little Rock School District
20221,361avg: $44,215median: $45,936
North Little Rock School District2022 1,361 $44,215$45,936View Details
Arkansas Revenue Division
20221,292avg: $43,554median: $37,025
Arkansas Revenue Division2022 1,292 $43,554$37,025View Details
Arkansas Division of Community Correction
20221,288avg: $47,202median: $46,157
Arkansas Division of Community Correction2022 1,288 $47,202$46,157View Details