State of Ohio Employee Salaries

We have 184,949 state of Ohio employee salaries in our database. Average government employee salary in Ohio is $52,921 and median salary is $51,450. Look up Ohio public employee salaries by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in your city by school name or teacher name.

Ohio Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Rehabilitation and Corrections
202314,206avg: $61,379median: $65,115
Rehabilitation and Corrections2023 14,206 $61,379$65,115View Details
Franklin County
202313,347avg: $34,572median: $7,106
Franklin County2023 13,347 $34,572$7,106View Details
City of Columbus
202311,215avg: $75,950median: $73,146
City of Columbus2023 11,215 $75,950$73,146View Details
University of Cincinnati
20237,783avg: $76,466median: $63,861
University of Cincinnati2023 7,783 $76,466$63,861View Details
Department of Transportation
20237,223avg: $51,914median: $51,733
Department of Transportation2023 7,223 $51,914$51,733View Details
City of Cleveland
20237,072avg: $62,488median: $61,548
City of Cleveland2023 7,072 $62,488$61,548View Details
Bowling Green State University
20236,869avg: $27,584median: $6,490
Bowling Green State University2023 6,869 $27,584$6,490View Details
Department of Public Safety
20234,470avg: $69,188median: $68,499
Department of Public Safety2023 4,470 $69,188$68,499View Details
Summit County
20234,141avg: $47,915median: $48,299
Summit County2023 4,141 $47,915$48,299View Details
Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services
20233,528avg: $63,538median: $54,918
Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services2023 3,528 $63,538$54,918View Details
Cuyahoga Community College
20233,234avg: $40,899median: $20,894
Cuyahoga Community College2023 3,234 $40,899$20,894View Details
Department of Natural Resources
20233,165avg: $43,123median: $35,480
Department of Natural Resources2023 3,165 $43,123$35,480View Details
City of Toledo
20233,056avg: $71,513median: $69,656
City of Toledo2023 3,056 $71,513$69,656View Details
Department of Developmental Disabilities
20232,885avg: $49,722median: $49,058
Department of Developmental Disabilities2023 2,885 $49,722$49,058View Details
Jobs and Family Services
20232,859avg: $70,164median: $68,202
Jobs and Family Services2023 2,859 $70,164$68,202View Details
Sinclair Community College
20232,427avg: $38,627median: $22,984
Sinclair Community College2023 2,427 $38,627$22,984View Details
Wright State University
20232,312avg: $56,396median: $45,068
Wright State University2023 2,312 $56,396$45,068View Details
Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority
20232,130avg: $71,728median: $76,982
Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority2023 2,130 $71,728$76,982View Details
Cleveland Metroparks
20232,128avg: $28,827median: $9,468
Cleveland Metroparks2023 2,128 $28,827$9,468View Details
City of Dayton
20232,105avg: $67,962median: $65,978
City of Dayton2023 2,105 $67,962$65,978View Details