State of Ohio Employee Salaries

We have 605,543 state of Ohio employee salaries in our database. Average government employee salary in Ohio is $46,327 and median salary is $42,844. Look up Ohio public employee salaries by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in your city by school name or teacher name.

Ohio Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Ohio State University
202246,781avg: $70,088median: $53,297
Ohio State University2022 46,781 $70,088$53,297View Details
Rehabilitation and Corrections
202214,046avg: $59,196median: $62,705
Rehabilitation and Corrections2022 14,046 $59,196$62,705View Details
Franklin County
202213,766avg: $30,806median: $3,500
Franklin County2022 13,766 $30,806$3,500View Details
City of Columbus
202210,662avg: $71,217median: $68,221
City of Columbus2022 10,662 $71,217$68,221View Details
Columbus City Schools
20228,404avg: $58,931median: $57,683
Columbus City Schools2022 8,404 $58,931$57,683View Details
Bowling Green State University
20228,046avg: $22,652median: $4,792
Bowling Green State University2022 8,046 $22,652$4,792View Details
University of Cincinnati
20227,661avg: $74,421median: $62,000
University of Cincinnati2022 7,661 $74,421$62,000View Details
Cincinnati Public Schools
20227,189avg: $47,541median: $40,955
Cincinnati Public Schools2022 7,189 $47,541$40,955View Details
Cleveland Metropolitan School District
20227,066avg: $56,037median: $54,876
Cleveland Metropolitan School District2022 7,066 $56,037$54,876View Details
Department of Transportation
20226,750avg: $52,923median: $51,071
Department of Transportation2022 6,750 $52,923$51,071View Details
City of Cincinnati
20226,372avg: $63,455median: $64,389
City of Cincinnati2022 6,372 $63,455$64,389View Details
Hamilton County
20225,266avg: $52,839median: $52,983
Hamilton County2022 5,266 $52,839$52,983View Details
Akron Public Schools
20225,263avg: $40,494median: $31,620
Akron Public Schools2022 5,263 $40,494$31,620View Details
Kent State University
20224,901avg: $54,484median: $47,941
Kent State University2022 4,901 $54,484$47,941View Details
Miami University
20224,664avg: $53,694median: $42,550
Miami University2022 4,664 $53,694$42,550View Details
Toledo Public Schools
20224,515avg: $53,396median: $49,355
Toledo Public Schools2022 4,515 $53,396$49,355View Details
Cuyahoga County
20224,462avg: $62,219median: $54,080
Cuyahoga County2022 4,462 $62,219$54,080View Details
Department of Public Safety
20224,262avg: $68,094median: $68,557
Department of Public Safety2022 4,262 $68,094$68,557View Details
South-Western City School District
20224,138avg: $41,941median: $31,573
South-Western City School District2022 4,138 $41,941$31,573View Details
Dublin City Schools
20223,779avg: $42,066median: $31,831
Dublin City Schools2022 3,779 $42,066$31,831View Details