Nebraska State Employee Salaries

We have 80,917 Nebraska state employee salaries in our database. Average public employee salary in Nebraska is $57,228 and median salary is $55,703. Look up Nebraska public employee salary database by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in Omaha by school name or teacher name.

Nebraska Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
20235,847avg: $71,357median: $57,500
University of Nebraska-Lincoln2023 5,847 $71,357$57,500View Details
Omaha Public Schools
20234,863avg: $53,794median: $55,440
Omaha Public Schools2023 4,863 $53,794$55,440View Details
University of Nebraska Medical Center
20234,707avg: $61,835median: $52,618
University of Nebraska Medical Center2023 4,707 $61,835$52,618View Details
Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services
20234,679avg: $56,241median: $52,127
Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services2023 4,679 $56,241$52,127View Details
Lincoln Public Schools
20233,859avg: $58,913median: $54,594
Lincoln Public Schools2023 3,859 $58,913$54,594View Details
City of Lincoln
20233,358avg: $54,201median: $56,871
City of Lincoln2023 3,358 $54,201$56,871View Details
Nebraska Department of Correctional Services
20232,193avg: $67,376median: $66,415
Nebraska Department of Correctional Services2023 2,193 $67,376$66,415View Details
Nebraska Department of Transportation
20232,031avg: $58,892median: $52,448
Nebraska Department of Transportation2023 2,031 $58,892$52,448View Details
Millard Public Schools
20231,869avg: $61,948median: $61,570
Millard Public Schools2023 1,869 $61,948$61,570View Details
University of Nebraska at Omaha
20231,667avg: $63,340median: $57,500
University of Nebraska at Omaha2023 1,667 $63,340$57,500View Details
Nebraska Supreme Court
20231,589avg: $71,621median: $64,354
Nebraska Supreme Court2023 1,589 $71,621$64,354View Details
Lancaster County
20231,218avg: $53,919median: $55,423
Lancaster County2023 1,218 $53,919$55,423View Details
Papillion La Vista Community Schools
20231,010avg: $65,091median: $64,740
Papillion La Vista Community Schools2023 1,010 $65,091$64,740View Details
Elkhorn Public Schools
2023891avg: $64,661median: $64,532
Elkhorn Public Schools2023 891 $64,661$64,532View Details
Nebraska Game and Parks Commission
2023864avg: $42,779median: $40,395
Nebraska Game and Parks Commission2023 864 $42,779$40,395View Details
Grand Island Public Schools
2023845avg: $66,767median: $65,288
Grand Island Public Schools2023 845 $66,767$65,288View Details
Bellevue Public Schools
2023830avg: $65,693median: $66,315
Bellevue Public Schools2023 830 $65,693$66,315View Details
Department of Administrative Services
2023792avg: $59,930median: $58,446
Department of Administrative Services2023 792 $59,930$58,446View Details
City of Grand Island
2023780avg: $58,899median: $62,524
City of Grand Island2023 780 $58,899$62,524View Details
University of Nebraska at Kearney
2023770avg: $56,615median: $49,519
University of Nebraska at Kearney2023 770 $56,615$49,519View Details