Nebraska State Employee Salaries

We have 77,630 Nebraska state employee salaries in our database. Average public employee salary in Nebraska is $52,479 and median salary is $53,240. Look up Nebraska public employee salary database by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in Omaha by school name or teacher name.

Nebraska Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services
20224,543avg: $52,171median: $48,365
Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services2022 4,543 $52,171$48,365View Details
City of Omaha
20224,201avg: $64,196median: $68,888
City of Omaha2022 4,201 $64,196$68,888View Details
City of Lincoln
20223,312avg: $51,536median: $54,881
City of Lincoln2022 3,312 $51,536$54,881View Details
Douglas County
20222,903avg: $58,116median: $58,735
Douglas County2022 2,903 $58,116$58,735View Details
Metropolitan Community College
20222,385avg: $30,614median: $13,365
Metropolitan Community College2022 2,385 $30,614$13,365View Details
Nebraska Department of Correctional Services
20222,198avg: $63,149median: $62,400
Nebraska Department of Correctional Services2022 2,198 $63,149$62,400View Details
Nebraska Department of Transportation
20221,894avg: $52,822median: $47,741
Nebraska Department of Transportation2022 1,894 $52,822$47,741View Details
Nebraska Supreme Court
20221,563avg: $64,925median: $57,802
Nebraska Supreme Court2022 1,563 $64,925$57,802View Details
Central Community College
20221,356avg: $25,348median: $7,973
Central Community College2022 1,356 $25,348$7,973View Details
Lancaster County
20221,245avg: $52,279median: $53,761
Lancaster County2022 1,245 $52,279$53,761View Details
Nebraska Game and Parks Commission
2022868avg: $39,746median: $36,174
Nebraska Game and Parks Commission2022 868 $39,746$36,174View Details
City of Grand Island
2022831avg: $48,898median: $55,087
City of Grand Island2022 831 $48,898$55,087View Details
Department of Administrative Services
2022809avg: $55,619median: $54,511
Department of Administrative Services2022 809 $55,619$54,511View Details
Sarpy County
2022757avg: $62,271median: $59,785
Sarpy County2022 757 $62,271$59,785View Details
Nebraska Department of Veterans' Affairs
2022716avg: $46,418median: $39,230
Nebraska Department of Veterans' Affairs2022 716 $46,418$39,230View Details
Southeast Community College
2022688avg: $56,685median: $52,730
Southeast Community College2022 688 $56,685$52,730View Details
Mid Plains Community College
2022683avg: $20,609median: $4,724
Mid Plains Community College2022 683 $20,609$4,724View Details
Nebraska State Patrol
2022679avg: $66,060median: $61,140
Nebraska State Patrol2022 679 $66,060$61,140View Details
City of Papillion
2022629avg: $33,465median: $8,720
City of Papillion2022 629 $33,465$8,720View Details
City of Bellevue
2022537avg: $52,848median: $55,324
City of Bellevue2022 537 $52,848$55,324View Details