West Virginia Employers

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Employers Number 848

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Accountancy Board Of
201510avg: $16,320median: $2,850
Accountancy Board Of2015 10 $16,320$2,850View Details
Adjutant General
2018909avg: $28,961median: $31,960
Adjutant General2018 909 $28,961$31,960View Details
Adjutant General
2017915avg: $26,141median: $28,957
Adjutant General2017 915 $26,141$28,957View Details
Adjutant General
20161,472avg: $15,045median: $3,221
Adjutant General2016 1,472 $15,045$3,221View Details
Adjutant General
2015127avg: $3,499median: $791
Adjutant General2015 127 $3,499$791View Details
Aeronautics Commission
20184avg: $40,870median: $39,924
Aeronautics Commission2018 4 $40,870$39,924View Details
Aeronautics Commission
20172avg: $45,813median: $45,813
Aeronautics Commission2017 2 $45,813$45,813View Details
Aeronautics Commission
20163avg: $32,576median: $34,239
Aeronautics Commission2016 3 $32,576$34,239View Details
Aeronautics Commission
20153avg: $59,381median: $55,670
Aeronautics Commission2015 3 $59,381$55,670View Details
Agriculture Department Of
201515avg: $5,221median: $2,692
Agriculture Department Of2015 15 $5,221$2,692View Details
Air Quality Board
20183avg: $600median: $600
Air Quality Board2018 3 $600$600View Details
Air Quality Board
20172avg: $450median: $450
Air Quality Board2017 2 $450$450View Details
Air Quality Board
20162avg: $675median: $675
Air Quality Board2016 2 $675$675View Details
Alcohol Beverage Control Administration
201881avg: $33,264median: $34,800
Alcohol Beverage Control Administration2018 81 $33,264$34,800View Details
Alcohol Beverage Control Administration
201787avg: $30,152median: $31,777
Alcohol Beverage Control Administration2017 87 $30,152$31,777View Details
Alcohol Beverage Control Administration
201685avg: $31,290median: $31,719
Alcohol Beverage Control Administration2016 85 $31,290$31,719View Details
Anthony Center
201610avg: $3,449median: $3,314
Anthony Center2016 10 $3,449$3,314View Details
Anthony Center
2015110avg: $23,792median: $26,265
Anthony Center2015 110 $23,792$26,265View Details
Appraiser Licensing Certificat
20161avg: $1,904median: $1,904
Appraiser Licensing Certificat2016 1 $1,904$1,904View Details
Appraiser Licensing Certificat
201511avg: $14,799median: $2,850
Appraiser Licensing Certificat2015 11 $14,799$2,850View Details

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