West Virginia State Employee Salaries

We have 103,557 WV state employee salaries in our database. Average government employee salary in West Virginia is $35,923 and median salary is $34,011. Look up WV state salaries by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in Charleston by school name or teacher name.

West Virginia Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
West Virginia University
202216,767avg: $35,532median: $19,578
West Virginia University2022 16,767 $35,532$19,578View Details
West Virginia Highways Division
20226,080avg: $41,429median: $42,794
West Virginia Highways Division2022 6,080 $41,429$42,794View Details
Kanawha County Schools
20225,178avg: $35,501median: $36,849
Kanawha County Schools2022 5,178 $35,501$36,849View Details
Marshall University
20223,796avg: $33,513median: $15,320
Marshall University2022 3,796 $33,513$15,320View Details
West Virginia Corrections and Rehabilitation Division
20223,760avg: $38,472median: $41,728
West Virginia Corrections and Rehabilitation Division2022 3,760 $38,472$41,728View Details
West Virginia Human Services Division
20223,694avg: $34,459median: $34,340
West Virginia Human Services Division2022 3,694 $34,459$34,340View Details
Berkeley County Schools
20222,645avg: $43,987median: $42,847
Berkeley County Schools2022 2,645 $43,987$42,847View Details
West Virginia Health Division
20222,559avg: $37,359median: $34,078
West Virginia Health Division2022 2,559 $37,359$34,078View Details
West Virginia Natural Resources Division
20222,419avg: $17,751median: $10,252
West Virginia Natural Resources Division2022 2,419 $17,751$10,252View Details
Cabell County Schools
20222,396avg: $38,296median: $39,848
Cabell County Schools2022 2,396 $38,296$39,848View Details
Monongalia County Schools
20222,348avg: $36,824median: $38,077
Monongalia County Schools2022 2,348 $36,824$38,077View Details
West Virginia Adjutant General
20222,281avg: $16,108median: $2,574
West Virginia Adjutant General2022 2,281 $16,108$2,574View Details
Harrison County Schools
20221,843avg: $37,463median: $39,652
Harrison County Schools2022 1,843 $37,463$39,652View Details
Putnam County Schools
20221,814avg: $37,402median: $37,212
Putnam County Schools2022 1,814 $37,402$37,212View Details
West Virginia Supreme Court
20221,748avg: $53,486median: $49,248
West Virginia Supreme Court2022 1,748 $53,486$49,248View Details
Wood County Schools
20221,694avg: $44,203median: $43,880
Wood County Schools2022 1,694 $44,203$43,880View Details
Marion County Schools
20221,593avg: $35,028median: $34,143
Marion County Schools2022 1,593 $35,028$34,143View Details
Mercer County Schools
20221,577avg: $37,629median: $38,881
Mercer County Schools2022 1,577 $37,629$38,881View Details
Fayette County Schools
20221,188avg: $34,314median: $35,082
Fayette County Schools2022 1,188 $34,314$35,082View Details
West Virginia State Police
20221,164avg: $56,963median: $63,560
West Virginia State Police2022 1,164 $56,963$63,560View Details