Maryland State Employee Salaries

We have 353,868 Maryland state employee salaries in our database. Average government employee salary in Maryland is $57,595 and median salary is $55,000. Search Maryland employee salaries by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in Baltimore by school name or teacher name.

Maryland Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
University of Maryland
202253,199avg: $46,370median: $21,000
University of Maryland2022 53,199 $46,370$21,000View Details
Montgomery County Public Schools
202230,865avg: $61,054median: $58,193
Montgomery County Public Schools2022 30,865 $61,054$58,193View Details
Prince George's County Public Schools
202217,377avg: $70,567median: $67,879
Prince George's County Public Schools2022 17,377 $70,567$67,879View Details
Maryland Higher Education Commission Colleges and Universities
202216,714avg: $31,898median: $10,000
Maryland Higher Education Commission Colleges and Universities2022 16,714 $31,898$10,000View Details
Baltimore County Public Schools
202215,388avg: $72,064median: $67,247
Baltimore County Public Schools2022 15,388 $72,064$67,247View Details
City of Baltimore
202214,700avg: $64,210median: $60,224
City of Baltimore2022 14,700 $64,210$60,224View Details
Maryland Department of Health
202212,564avg: $53,829median: $49,000
Maryland Department of Health2022 12,564 $53,829$49,000View Details
Baltimore City Public Schools
202211,660avg: $63,180median: $62,673
Baltimore City Public Schools2022 11,660 $63,180$62,673View Details
Anne Arundel County Public Schools
202211,198avg: $66,822median: $66,652
Anne Arundel County Public Schools2022 11,198 $66,822$66,652View Details
Howard County Public School System
202211,155avg: $60,719median: $60,388
Howard County Public School System2022 11,155 $60,719$60,388View Details
Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services Recruitment
20229,180avg: $73,221median: $73,000
Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services Recruitment2022 9,180 $73,221$73,000View Details
Montgomery County
20229,077avg: $85,553median: $81,770
Montgomery County2022 9,077 $85,553$81,770View Details
Prince George's County
20228,594avg: $78,730median: $77,387
Prince George's County2022 8,594 $78,730$77,387View Details
Maryland Department of Transportation
20228,359avg: $63,762median: $61,000
Maryland Department of Transportation2022 8,359 $63,762$61,000View Details
Baltimore County
20227,750avg: $62,238median: $61,178
Baltimore County2022 7,750 $62,238$61,178View Details
Harford County Public Schools
20227,715avg: $47,320median: $42,227
Harford County Public Schools2022 7,715 $47,320$42,227View Details
Frederick County Public Schools
20226,943avg: $62,186median: $56,685
Frederick County Public Schools2022 6,943 $62,186$56,685View Details
Maryland Department of Human Services
20226,341avg: $52,308median: $52,000
Maryland Department of Human Services2022 6,341 $52,308$52,000View Details
Carroll County Public Schools
20225,400avg: $45,461median: $39,151
Carroll County Public Schools2022 5,400 $45,461$39,151View Details
Maryland Judiciary
20225,196avg: $59,980median: $54,000
Maryland Judiciary2022 5,196 $59,980$54,000View Details