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Employers Number 7310

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
8th And 9th Grade Ctr
201663avg: $24,879median: $24,769
8th And 9th Grade Ctr2016 63 $24,879$24,769View Details
8th And 9th Grade Ctr
201565avg: $26,735median: $31,150
8th And 9th Grade Ctr2015 65 $26,735$31,150View Details
Able Charter School 6Th-8Th
20179avg: $6,009median: $2,686
Able Charter School 6Th-8Th2017 9 $6,009$2,686View Details
Able Charter School 6th-8th
201621avg: $1,499median: $500
Able Charter School 6th-8th2016 21 $1,499$500View Details
Able Charter School 9Th-12Th
201710avg: $5,502median: $2,744
Able Charter School 9Th-12Th2017 10 $5,502$2,744View Details
Able Charter School 9th-12th
201623avg: $1,508median: $500
Able Charter School 9th-12th2016 23 $1,508$500View Details
Academy Central Es
201866avg: $26,866median: $23,795
Academy Central Es2018 66 $26,866$23,795View Details
Academy Central Es
201749avg: $26,494median: $21,278
Academy Central Es2017 49 $26,494$21,278View Details
Academy Central Es
201647avg: $27,132median: $23,109
Academy Central Es2016 47 $27,132$23,109View Details
Academy Central Es
201547avg: $28,558median: $29,272
Academy Central Es2015 47 $28,558$29,272View Details
Academy Es
2018126avg: $25,800median: $26,661
Academy Es2018 126 $25,800$26,661View Details
Academy Es
201753avg: $28,154median: $34,975
Academy Es2017 53 $28,154$34,975View Details
Academy Es
201653avg: $27,701median: $35,163
Academy Es2016 53 $27,701$35,163View Details
Academy Es
201553avg: $29,696median: $36,500
Academy Es2015 53 $29,696$36,500View Details
Achille Es
201876avg: $18,770median: $12,911
Achille Es2018 76 $18,770$12,911View Details
Achille Es
201738avg: $19,182median: $14,668
Achille Es2017 38 $19,182$14,668View Details
Achille Es
201641avg: $18,616median: $14,548
Achille Es2016 41 $18,616$14,548View Details
Achille Es
201540avg: $19,202median: $14,672
Achille Es2015 40 $19,202$14,672View Details
Achille Hs
201619avg: $18,629median: $20,041
Achille Hs2016 19 $18,629$20,041View Details
Achille Hs
201521avg: $19,298median: $18,719
Achille Hs2015 21 $19,298$18,719View Details

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