Oklahoma State Employee Salaries

We have 248,818 Oklahoma state employee salaries in our database. Average state employee salary in Oklahoma is $33,756 and median salary is $29,276. Look up Oklahoma state employee salaries by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in Tulsa by school name or teacher name.

Oklahoma Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Oklahoma State University
202315,958avg: $29,546median: $13,060
Oklahoma State University2023 15,958 $29,546$13,060View Details
University of Oklahoma
202313,328avg: $31,747median: $16,795
University of Oklahoma2023 13,328 $31,747$16,795View Details
Oklahoma City Public School District
202310,475avg: $13,918median: $11,846
Oklahoma City Public School District2023 10,475 $13,918$11,846View Details
Tulsa Public School District
20237,807avg: $40,422median: $44,800
Tulsa Public School District2023 7,807 $40,422$44,800View Details
Oklahoma Department of Human Services
20237,362avg: $38,266median: $38,852
Oklahoma Department of Human Services2023 7,362 $38,266$38,852View Details
University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
20237,277avg: $38,246median: $25,161
University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center2023 7,277 $38,246$25,161View Details
Edmond Public School District
20235,677avg: $7,623median: $4,579
Edmond Public School District2023 5,677 $7,623$4,579View Details
City of Oklahoma City
20235,533avg: $75,634median: $74,887
City of Oklahoma City2023 5,533 $75,634$74,887View Details
Epic Charter Schools
20235,279avg: $20,067median: $19,025
Epic Charter Schools2023 5,279 $20,067$19,025View Details
Broken Arrow Public School District
20235,078avg: $41,286median: $47,485
Broken Arrow Public School District2023 5,078 $41,286$47,485View Details
Union Public School District
20234,277avg: $47,738median: $53,800
Union Public School District2023 4,277 $47,738$53,800View Details
Oklahoma Department of Corrections
20234,243avg: $44,685median: $44,407
Oklahoma Department of Corrections2023 4,243 $44,685$44,407View Details
City of Tulsa
20233,669avg: $72,138median: $68,925
City of Tulsa2023 3,669 $72,138$68,925View Details
Jenks Public School District
20233,436avg: $44,870median: $50,519
Jenks Public School District2023 3,436 $44,870$50,519View Details
University of Central Oklahoma
20232,968avg: $22,638median: $8,708
University of Central Oklahoma2023 2,968 $22,638$8,708View Details
Oklahoma State Department of Health
20232,798avg: $36,979median: $36,922
Oklahoma State Department of Health2023 2,798 $36,979$36,922View Details
Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services
20232,601avg: $31,389median: $29,903
Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services2023 2,601 $31,389$29,903View Details
Midwest City-Del City Public School District
20232,582avg: $11,024median: $6,652
Midwest City-Del City Public School District2023 2,582 $11,024$6,652View Details
Oklahoma Department of Transportation
20232,525avg: $45,820median: $43,074
Oklahoma Department of Transportation2023 2,525 $45,820$43,074View Details
Owasso Public School District
20232,334avg: $48,376median: $58,055
Owasso Public School District2023 2,334 $48,376$58,055View Details