Sate of Alabama Employee Salaries

We have 132,310 Alabama state employee salaries in our database. Average Alabama employee pay is $47,893 and median salary is $40,686. Look up Alabama state employee salaries by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in Huntsville by school name or teacher name.

Alabama Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
University of Alabama at Birmingham
202328,101avg: $57,844median: $48,621
University of Alabama at Birmingham2023 28,101 $57,844$48,621View Details
Auburn University
202318,987avg: $35,304median: $13,141
Auburn University2023 18,987 $35,304$13,141View Details
University of Alabama
20239,244avg: $59,907median: $44,792
University of Alabama2023 9,244 $59,907$44,792View Details
Alabama Department of Transportation
20234,936avg: $48,584median: $44,787
Alabama Department of Transportation2023 4,936 $48,584$44,787View Details
Alabama Department of Human Resources
20234,669avg: $43,610median: $43,691
Alabama Department of Human Resources2023 4,669 $43,610$43,691View Details
University of Alabama in Huntsville
20234,171avg: $34,722median: $12,885
University of Alabama in Huntsville2023 4,171 $34,722$12,885View Details
University of South Alabama
20233,536avg: $56,469median: $41,883
University of South Alabama2023 3,536 $56,469$41,883View Details
Alabama Department of Corrections
20233,479avg: $60,624median: $55,317
Alabama Department of Corrections2023 3,479 $60,624$55,317View Details
Alabama Department of Public Health
20233,025avg: $47,186median: $43,902
Alabama Department of Public Health2023 3,025 $47,186$43,902View Details
Troy University
20232,658avg: $38,358median: $23,845
Troy University2023 2,658 $38,358$23,845View Details
Tuscaloosa County School System
20232,348avg: $50,361median: $50,857
Tuscaloosa County School System2023 2,348 $50,361$50,857View Details
Administrative Office of Courts
20232,304avg: $56,176median: $46,603
Administrative Office of Courts2023 2,304 $56,176$46,603View Details
City of Mobile
20232,018avg: $51,457median: $45,990
City of Mobile2023 2,018 $51,457$45,990View Details
Mobile County
20231,895avg: $44,890median: $45,277
Mobile County2023 1,895 $44,890$45,277View Details
Jacksonville State University
20231,767avg: $32,661median: $29,680
Jacksonville State University2023 1,767 $32,661$29,680View Details
Alabama Department of Conservation & Natural Resources
20231,577avg: $28,621median: $22,010
Alabama Department of Conservation & Natural Resources2023 1,577 $28,621$22,010View Details
Alabama Law Enforcement Agency
20231,558avg: $58,059median: $56,552
Alabama Law Enforcement Agency2023 1,558 $58,059$56,552View Details
Alabama Department of Mental Health
20231,514avg: $45,716median: $42,238
Alabama Department of Mental Health2023 1,514 $45,716$42,238View Details
Alabama Department of Revenue
20231,502avg: $48,315median: $47,030
Alabama Department of Revenue2023 1,502 $48,315$47,030View Details
Dothan City Schools
20231,472avg: $35,426median: $35,771
Dothan City Schools2023 1,472 $35,426$35,771View Details