State of Michigan employee salaries

We have 335,806 state of Michigan employee salaries in our database. Average government employee salary in Michigan is $44,310 and median salary is $40,975. Look up Michigan state salaries by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in your city by school name or teacher name.

Michigan Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Michigan State University
202212,923avg: $84,902median: $68,370
Michigan State University2022 12,923 $84,902$68,370View Details
Department of Human Services
202211,490avg: $60,401median: $61,175
Department of Human Services2022 11,490 $60,401$61,175View Details
Detroit Public Schools Community District
20228,041avg: $53,471median: $54,516
Detroit Public Schools Community District2022 8,041 $53,471$54,516View Details
Eastern Michigan University
20224,785avg: $30,808median: $7,890
Eastern Michigan University2022 4,785 $30,808$7,890View Details
Department of Community Health
20223,574avg: $68,263median: $65,598
Department of Community Health2022 3,574 $68,263$65,598View Details
Department of Natural Resources
20223,404avg: $34,119median: $13,755
Department of Natural Resources2022 3,404 $34,119$13,755View Details
Department of Transportation
20223,285avg: $63,537median: $65,214
Department of Transportation2022 3,285 $63,537$65,214View Details
Western Michigan University
20223,149avg: $59,907median: $55,000
Western Michigan University2022 3,149 $59,907$55,000View Details
Dearborn Public Schools
20223,085avg: $53,598median: $51,544
Dearborn Public Schools2022 3,085 $53,598$51,544View Details
Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity
20222,980avg: $66,435median: $68,090
Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity2022 2,980 $66,435$68,090View Details
Ann Arbor Public Schools
20222,857avg: $48,597median: $51,292
Ann Arbor Public Schools2022 2,857 $48,597$51,292View Details
Utica Community Schools
20222,814avg: $56,771median: $56,947
Utica Community Schools2022 2,814 $56,771$56,947View Details
Plymouth-Canton Community Schools
20222,117avg: $51,983median: $51,415
Plymouth-Canton Community Schools2022 2,117 $51,983$51,415View Details
Grand Rapids Public Schools
20222,103avg: $45,187median: $45,333
Grand Rapids Public Schools2022 2,103 $45,187$45,333View Details
City of Ann Arbor
20222,052avg: $33,045median: $6,452
City of Ann Arbor2022 2,052 $33,045$6,452View Details
Kalamazoo Public Schools
20222,051avg: $39,930median: $33,868
Kalamazoo Public Schools2022 2,051 $39,930$33,868View Details
Livonia Public Schools
20221,935avg: $51,991median: $48,397
Livonia Public Schools2022 1,935 $51,991$48,397View Details
Department of Technology, Management & Budget-IT
20221,906avg: $83,004median: $87,302
Department of Technology, Management & Budget-IT2022 1,906 $83,004$87,302View Details
Warren Consolidated Schools
20221,881avg: $54,130median: $48,389
Warren Consolidated Schools2022 1,881 $54,130$48,389View Details
Chippewa Valley Schools
20221,866avg: $48,838median: $40,143
Chippewa Valley Schools2022 1,866 $48,838$40,143View Details