Maine State Employee Salaries

We have 68,408 Maine state employee salaries in our database. Average government salary in Maine is $47,808 and median salary is $47,620. Look up Maine public employee salaries by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in Portland by school name or teacher name.

Maine Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Department of the Secretary of State
202213,786avg: $55,373median: $54,914
Department of the Secretary of State2022 13,786 $55,373$54,914View Details
University of Maine
20222,228avg: $67,756median: $56,454
University of Maine2022 2,228 $67,756$56,454View Details
Maine Veterans' Homes Central Office
20221,379avg: $33,029median: $26,456
Maine Veterans' Homes Central Office2022 1,379 $33,029$26,456View Details
Portland Public Schools
20221,322avg: $40,077median: $41,241
Portland Public Schools2022 1,322 $40,077$41,241View Details
City of Portland
20221,269avg: $55,180median: $54,280
City of Portland2022 1,269 $55,180$54,280View Details
Lewiston Public Schools
20221,002avg: $41,089median: $40,105
Lewiston Public Schools2022 1,002 $41,089$40,105View Details
University of Southern Maine
2022997avg: $64,854median: $58,001
University of Southern Maine2022 997 $64,854$58,001View Details
Maine Community College System
2022753avg: $47,270median: $47,023
Maine Community College System2022 753 $47,270$47,023View Details
RSU/MSAD 60 - North Berwick
2022611avg: $41,722median: $41,664
RSU/MSAD 60 - North Berwick2022 611 $41,722$41,664View Details
South Portland School Department
2022609avg: $49,711median: $53,218
South Portland School Department2022 609 $49,711$53,218View Details
RSU/MSAD 6 - Bar Mills
2022593avg: $43,098median: $45,116
RSU/MSAD 6 - Bar Mills2022 593 $43,098$45,116View Details
Bangor School Department
2022589avg: $52,339median: $52,431
Bangor School Department2022 589 $52,339$52,431View Details
Auburn School Department
2022562avg: $44,767median: $48,670
Auburn School Department2022 562 $44,767$48,670View Details
Scarborough Public Schools
2022560avg: $54,516median: $60,493
Scarborough Public Schools2022 560 $54,516$60,493View Details
Regional School Unit 21
2022548avg: $46,520median: $44,896
Regional School Unit 212022 548 $46,520$44,896View Details
Sanford School Department
2022512avg: $49,282median: $49,672
Sanford School Department2022 512 $49,282$49,672View Details
RSU/MSAD 17 - South Paris
2022501avg: $41,629median: $43,429
RSU/MSAD 17 - South Paris2022 501 $41,629$43,429View Details
Rsu #14
2022500avg: $49,729median: $52,232
Rsu #142022 500 $49,729$52,232View Details
City of Lewiston
2022498avg: $49,891median: $46,991
City of Lewiston2022 498 $49,891$46,991View Details
RSU/MSAD 75 - Topsham
2022497avg: $46,030median: $48,071
RSU/MSAD 75 - Topsham2022 497 $46,030$48,071View Details