County Salaries

County Payrolls

County NameStateEmployees NumberAverage Salary
Adair County
IA2021employees: 104average:$33,308
Adair CountyIA 104 $33,308View Salaries
Adair County
KY2022employees: 8average:$32,274
Adair CountyKY 8 $32,274View Salaries
Adair County
MO2022employees: 84average:$36,826
Adair CountyMO 84 $36,826View Salaries
Adams County
ID2021employees: 69average:$36,890
Adams CountyID 69 $36,890View Salaries
Adams County
IN2022employees: 666average:$25,870
Adams CountyIN 666 $25,870View Salaries
Adams County
MS2021employees: 329average:$25,655
Adams CountyMS 329 $25,655View Salaries
Adams County
WI2021employees: 267average:$44,142
Adams CountyWI 267 $44,142View Salaries
Alachua County
FL2022employees: 1057average:$45,564
Alachua CountyFL 1,057 $45,564View Salaries
Alamance County
NC2021employees: 1138average:$40,058
Alamance CountyNC 1,138 $40,058View Salaries
Alameda County
CA2021employees: 10274average:$127,223
Alameda CountyCA 10,274 $127,223View Salaries
Alamosa County
CO2020employees: 218average:$42,834
Alamosa CountyCO 218 $42,834View Salaries
Albany County
NY2018employees: 2574average:$46,676
Albany CountyNY 2,574 $46,676View Salaries
Albemarle County
VA2022employees: 1232average:$52,665
Albemarle CountyVA 1,232 $52,665View Salaries
Alcona County
MI2021employees: 157average:$28,384
Alcona CountyMI 157 $28,384View Salaries
Alcorn County
MS2022employees: 211average:$35,344
Alcorn CountyMS 211 $35,344View Salaries
Alexander County
NC2021employees: 249average:$36,795
Alexander CountyNC 249 $36,795View Salaries
Alfalfa County
OK2022employees: 112average:$30,512
Alfalfa CountyOK 112 $30,512View Salaries
Alger County
MI2021employees: 102average:$29,967
Alger CountyMI 102 $29,967View Salaries
Allegany County
NY2018employees: 573average:$41,663
Allegany CountyNY 573 $41,663View Salaries
Alleghany County
NC2021employees: 145average:$34,124
Alleghany CountyNC 145 $34,124View Salaries
Alleghany County
VA2022employees: 63average:$40,340
Alleghany CountyVA 63 $40,340View Salaries
Allen County
IN2022employees: 4021average:$45,115
Allen CountyIN 4,021 $45,115View Salaries
Allen County
KY2017employees: 517average:$30,438
Allen CountyKY 517 $30,438View Salaries
Allen County (Allen)
IN2018employees: 2042average:$36,226
Allen County (Allen)IN 2,042 $36,226View Salaries
Alpine County
CA2021employees: 124average:$75,498
Alpine CountyCA 124 $75,498View Salaries
Amador County
CA2021employees: 525average:$96,517
Amador CountyCA 525 $96,517View Salaries
Ambulatory and Community Hlth. Ntwk of Cook County
IL2020employees: 321average:$90,451
Ambulatory and Community Hlth. Ntwk of Cook CountyIL 321 $90,451View Salaries
Amherst County
VA2022employees: 292average:$44,709
Amherst CountyVA 292 $44,709View Salaries
Anderson County
KY2017employees: 517average:$34,352
Anderson CountyKY 517 $34,352View Salaries
Anderson County
TX2019employees: 284average:$32,987
Anderson CountyTX 284 $32,987View Salaries
Andrew County
MO2022employees: 81average:$30,723
Andrew CountyMO 81 $30,723View Salaries
Andrews County
TX2021employees: 314average:$36,106
Andrews CountyTX 314 $36,106View Salaries
Angelina County
TX2022employees: 407average:$43,673
Angelina CountyTX 407 $43,673View Salaries
Anne Arundel County
MD2021employees: 7898average:$47,922
Anne Arundel CountyMD 7,898 $47,922View Salaries
Anoka County
MN2021employees: 2139average:$58,758
Anoka CountyMN 2,139 $58,758View Salaries
Anson County
NC2021employees: 286average:$38,257
Anson CountyNC 286 $38,257View Salaries
Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area Authority Of Northumberland County
PA2015employees: 5average:$16,613
Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area Authority Of Northumberland CountyPA 5 $16,613View Salaries
Appomattox County
VA2022employees: 399average:$38,061
Appomattox CountyVA 399 $38,061View Salaries
Aransas County
TX2021employees: 334average:$33,990
Aransas CountyTX 334 $33,990View Salaries
Arenac County
MI2019employees: 125average:$27,701
Arenac CountyMI 125 $27,701View Salaries
Arlington County
VA2022employees: 3953average:$90,736
Arlington CountyVA 3,953 $90,736View Salaries
Armstrong County
TX2021employees: 38average:$17,855
Armstrong CountyTX 38 $17,855View Salaries
Aroostook County
ME2018employees: 104average:$42,768
Aroostook CountyME 104 $42,768View Salaries
Ashe County
NC2021employees: 291average:$38,985
Ashe CountyNC 291 $38,985View Salaries
Atascosa County
TX2022employees: 775average:$22,741
Atascosa CountyTX 775 $22,741View Salaries
Atchison County
MO2022employees: 46average:$38,616
Atchison CountyMO 46 $38,616View Salaries
Atlantic County
NJ2021employees: 1267average:$56,052
Atlantic CountyNJ 1,267 $56,052View Salaries
Atoka County
OK2021employees: 115average:$21,037
Atoka CountyOK 115 $21,037View Salaries
Audrain County
MO2022employees: 103average:$34,423
Audrain CountyMO 103 $34,423View Salaries
Augusta County
VA2022employees: 385average:$48,139
Augusta CountyVA 385 $48,139View Salaries
Aurora County
SD2021employees: 35average:$30,322
Aurora CountySD 35 $30,322View Salaries
Authority of Central Delaware County
PA2017employees: 12average:$3,132
Authority of Central Delaware CountyPA 12 $3,132View Salaries
Authority of Lehigh County
PA2017employees: 178average:$53,776
Authority of Lehigh CountyPA 178 $53,776View Salaries
Authority of Northern Lancaster County
PA2017employees: 6average:$45,459
Authority of Northern Lancaster CountyPA 6 $45,459View Salaries
Authority of Northern Lebanon County
PA2017employees: 4average:$54,568
Authority of Northern Lebanon CountyPA 4 $54,568View Salaries
Authority of Southern Delaware County
PA2017employees: 8average:$13,420
Authority of Southern Delaware CountyPA 8 $13,420View Salaries
Authority Of Western Butler County
PA2016employees: 13average:$31,163
Authority Of Western Butler CountyPA 13 $31,163View Salaries
Avery County
NC2021employees: 255average:$33,625
Avery CountyNC 255 $33,625View Salaries
Baldwin County
AL2022employees: 798average:$43,454
Baldwin CountyAL 798 $43,454View Salaries
Ballard County
KY2017employees: 241average:$29,022
Ballard CountyKY 241 $29,022View Salaries