Indiana State Employee Salaries

We have 524,917 Indiana employee salaries in our database. Average government employee salary in Indiana is $34,412 and median salary is $24,674. Look up Indiana public employee salaries by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in your city by school name or teacher name.

Indiana Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Indiana University
202351,813avg: $35,748median: $18,331
Indiana University2023 51,813 $35,748$18,331View Details
State Of Indiana
202341,094avg: $50,428median: $49,597
State Of Indiana2023 41,094 $50,428$49,597View Details
Purdue University
202337,694avg: $34,401median: $14,085
Purdue University2023 37,694 $34,401$14,085View Details
Ball State University
20238,787avg: $25,863median: $6,053
Ball State University2023 8,787 $25,863$6,053View Details
Ivy Tech Community College
20238,674avg: $31,461median: $16,473
Ivy Tech Community College2023 8,674 $31,461$16,473View Details
Fort Wayne Community School Corporation
20235,633avg: $37,639median: $33,176
Fort Wayne Community School Corporation2023 5,633 $37,639$33,176View Details
Indianapolis Consolidated City
20235,306avg: $69,778median: $81,271
Indianapolis Consolidated City2023 5,306 $69,778$81,271View Details
Evansville-Vanderburgh School Corporation
20234,471avg: $35,459median: $35,627
Evansville-Vanderburgh School Corporation2023 4,471 $35,459$35,627View Details
University Of Southern Indiana
20234,431avg: $14,097median: $2,234
University Of Southern Indiana2023 4,431 $14,097$2,234View Details
Indianapolis Public School Corporation
20234,385avg: $50,628median: $52,174
Indianapolis Public School Corporation2023 4,385 $50,628$52,174View Details
Hammond City School Corporation
20234,121avg: $21,277median: $4,935
Hammond City School Corporation2023 4,121 $21,277$4,935View Details
Indiana State University
20234,030avg: $23,490median: $5,677
Indiana State University2023 4,030 $23,490$5,677View Details
Hamilton Southeastern School Corporation
20233,520avg: $40,036median: $29,154
Hamilton Southeastern School Corporation2023 3,520 $40,036$29,154View Details
Marion County
20233,373avg: $44,493median: $44,313
Marion County2023 3,373 $44,493$44,313View Details
Penn-Harris-Madison-School Corporation
20233,203avg: $21,978median: $8,979
Penn-Harris-Madison-School Corporation2023 3,203 $21,978$8,979View Details
Carmel-Clay School Corporation
20233,092avg: $39,001median: $27,501
Carmel-Clay School Corporation2023 3,092 $39,001$27,501View Details
Lake County
20233,090avg: $33,551median: $30,613
Lake County2023 3,090 $33,551$30,613View Details
South Bend Community School Corporation
20233,073avg: $38,825median: $34,117
South Bend Community School Corporation2023 3,073 $38,825$34,117View Details
Vigo County School Corporation
20232,999avg: $30,249median: $21,290
Vigo County School Corporation2023 2,999 $30,249$21,290View Details
M.S.D. Wayne Township School Corporation
20232,933avg: $47,690median: $44,229
M.S.D. Wayne Township School Corporation2023 2,933 $47,690$44,229View Details