Indiana State Employee Salaries

We have 629,971 Indiana employee salaries in our database. Average government employee salary in Indiana is $32,887 and median salary is $23,986. Look up Indiana public employee salaries by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in your city by school name or teacher name.

Indiana Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Indiana University
202250,422avg: $34,317median: $17,413
Indiana University2022 50,422 $34,317$17,413View Details
State Of Indiana
202238,474avg: $45,657median: $44,959
State Of Indiana2022 38,474 $45,657$44,959View Details
Purdue University
202235,488avg: $33,414median: $15,058
Purdue University2022 35,488 $33,414$15,058View Details
Ball State University
202215,895avg: $28,025median: $8,275
Ball State University2022 15,895 $28,025$8,275View Details
Ivy Tech Community College
20228,510avg: $29,257median: $14,715
Ivy Tech Community College2022 8,510 $29,257$14,715View Details
Evansville-Vanderburgh School Corporation
20228,405avg: $36,161median: $36,162
Evansville-Vanderburgh School Corporation2022 8,405 $36,161$36,162View Details
Hammond City School Corporation
20228,056avg: $21,901median: $5,569
Hammond City School Corporation2022 8,056 $21,901$5,569View Details
Fort Wayne Community School Corporation
20225,493avg: $36,705median: $32,882
Fort Wayne Community School Corporation2022 5,493 $36,705$32,882View Details
Indianapolis Consolidated City
20225,340avg: $67,727median: $79,728
Indianapolis Consolidated City2022 5,340 $67,727$79,728View Details
Perry Township Schools
20225,279avg: $43,346median: $40,906
Perry Township Schools2022 5,279 $43,346$40,906View Details
Fort Wayne Civil City
20224,911avg: $59,037median: $62,632
Fort Wayne Civil City2022 4,911 $59,037$62,632View Details
Tippecanoe School Corporation
20224,908avg: $31,619median: $22,084
Tippecanoe School Corporation2022 4,908 $31,619$22,084View Details
University Of Southern Indiana
20224,477avg: $13,403median: $2,426
University Of Southern Indiana2022 4,477 $13,403$2,426View Details
Indianapolis Public School Corporation
20224,451avg: $47,486median: $47,832
Indianapolis Public School Corporation2022 4,451 $47,486$47,832View Details
Noblesville School Corporation
20224,278avg: $36,064median: $27,396
Noblesville School Corporation2022 4,278 $36,064$27,396View Details
Indiana State University
20224,237avg: $22,969median: $5,738
Indiana State University2022 4,237 $22,969$5,738View Details
Allen County
20224,021avg: $45,115median: $51,206
Allen County2022 4,021 $45,115$51,206View Details
New Albany-Floyd County Consolidated Schools
20223,939avg: $36,162median: $28,300
New Albany-Floyd County Consolidated Schools2022 3,939 $36,162$28,300View Details
Hamilton Southeastern School Corporation
20223,516avg: $37,597median: $27,886
Hamilton Southeastern School Corporation2022 3,516 $37,597$27,886View Details
Marion County
20223,472avg: $40,240median: $40,905
Marion County2022 3,472 $40,240$40,905View Details