Minnesota State Employee Salaries

We have 247,428 Minnesota state employee salaries in our database. Average MN state salary is $56,524 and median salary is $57,165. Look up MN government salaries by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in Minneapolis by school name or teacher name.

Minnesota Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Minnesota State Colleges and Universities
202226,060avg: $64,109median: $63,122
Minnesota State Colleges and Universities2022 26,060 $64,109$63,122View Details
University of Minnesota
202220,376avg: $50,967median: $47,891
University of Minnesota2022 20,376 $50,967$47,891View Details
City of Minneapolis
20229,667avg: $44,048median: $17,702
City of Minneapolis2022 9,667 $44,048$17,702View Details
Department of Human Services
20228,106avg: $64,387median: $63,616
Department of Human Services2022 8,106 $64,387$63,616View Details
Department of Transportation
20225,772avg: $64,654median: $63,487
Department of Transportation2022 5,772 $64,654$63,487View Details
City of St. Paul
20224,812avg: $53,396median: $51,463
City of St. Paul2022 4,812 $53,396$51,463View Details
Department of Corrections
20224,760avg: $64,500median: $64,034
Department of Corrections2022 4,760 $64,500$64,034View Details
Saint Paul Public Schools
20223,410avg: $79,982median: $84,127
Saint Paul Public Schools2022 3,410 $79,982$84,127View Details
Minneapolis Public Schools
20223,357avg: $72,612median: $72,779
Minneapolis Public Schools2022 3,357 $72,612$72,779View Details
Department of Natural Resources
20223,350avg: $63,276median: $62,210
Department of Natural Resources2022 3,350 $63,276$62,210View Details
Anoka-Hennepin School District
20223,289avg: $75,291median: $78,937
Anoka-Hennepin School District2022 3,289 $75,291$78,937View Details
Minnesota Judicial Branch
20223,217avg: $64,880median: $63,909
Minnesota Judicial Branch2022 3,217 $64,880$63,909View Details
Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board
20222,814avg: $20,514median: $5,166
Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board2022 2,814 $20,514$5,166View Details
Minnesota IT Services
20222,675avg: $65,478median: $64,974
Minnesota IT Services2022 2,675 $65,478$64,974View Details
Dakota County
20222,559avg: $58,842median: $61,968
Dakota County2022 2,559 $58,842$61,968View Details
Washington County
20222,409avg: $42,302median: $38,058
Washington County2022 2,409 $42,302$38,058View Details
Independent School District 196
20222,366avg: $78,225median: $83,592
Independent School District 1962022 2,366 $78,225$83,592View Details
Department of Public Safety
20222,226avg: $65,154median: $64,220
Department of Public Safety2022 2,226 $65,154$64,220View Details
City of Rochester
20222,150avg: $40,906median: $8,570
City of Rochester2022 2,150 $40,906$8,570View Details
Department of Health
20222,033avg: $64,160median: $63,748
Department of Health2022 2,033 $64,160$63,748View Details