New Mexico Employers

Employers Number 1479

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
New Mexico State University
202015,432avg: $32,002median: $20,908
New Mexico State University2020 15,432 $32,002$20,908View Details
New Mexico State University
201912,165avg: $24,111median: $10,506
New Mexico State University2019 12,165 $24,111$10,506View Details
Albuquerque Public Schools
201911,811avg: $40,587median: $42,977
Albuquerque Public Schools2019 11,811 $40,587$42,977View Details
Albuquerque Public Schools
202011,772avg: $44,193median: $48,309
Albuquerque Public Schools2020 11,772 $44,193$48,309View Details
Albuquerque Public Schools
201811,616avg: $37,643median: $38,987
Albuquerque Public Schools2018 11,616 $37,643$38,987View Details
School District Of Albuquerque
201611,559avg: $39,654median: $42,505
School District Of Albuquerque2016 11,559 $39,654$42,505View Details
Albuquerque Public Schools
201711,479avg: $37,344median: $38,850
Albuquerque Public Schools2017 11,479 $37,344$38,850View Details
Albuquerque Public Schools
202111,173avg: $45,087median: $50,506
Albuquerque Public Schools2021 11,173 $45,087$50,506View Details
State University Of New Mexico
201610,289avg: $32,551median: $20,364
State University Of New Mexico2016 10,289 $32,551$20,364View Details
University of New Mexico State
20179,848avg: $32,917median: $20,818
University of New Mexico State2017 9,848 $32,917$20,818View Details
University Of New Mexico State
20189,720avg: $32,799median: $20,801
University Of New Mexico State2018 9,720 $32,799$20,801View Details
University Of New Mexico
20169,654avg: $60,800median: $49,003
University Of New Mexico2016 9,654 $60,800$49,003View Details
City Of Albuquerque
20167,933avg: $37,363median: $35,610
City Of Albuquerque2016 7,933 $37,363$35,610View Details
City Of Albuquerque
20187,694avg: $39,601median: $37,791
City Of Albuquerque2018 7,694 $39,601$37,791View Details
City of Albuquerque
20207,037avg: $43,830median: $41,568
City of Albuquerque2020 7,037 $43,830$41,568View Details
University of New Mexico
20196,862avg: $60,990median: $48,942
University of New Mexico2019 6,862 $60,990$48,942View Details
University Of New Mexico
20186,768avg: $60,891median: $47,744
University Of New Mexico2018 6,768 $60,891$47,744View Details
University Of New Mexico
20176,682avg: $61,165median: $47,848
University Of New Mexico2017 6,682 $61,165$47,848View Details
University of New Mexico
20206,588avg: $66,368median: $51,455
University of New Mexico2020 6,588 $66,368$51,455View Details
University of New Mexico
20216,505avg: $67,487median: $52,672
University of New Mexico2021 6,505 $67,487$52,672View Details

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