NM state employee salaries

We have 64,167 New Mexico state employee salaries in our database. Average government employee salary in NM is $55,455 and median salary is $54,407. Look up NM public employee salaries by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in Albuquerque by school name or teacher name.

New Mexico Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Albuquerque Public Schools
202310,898avg: $54,268median: $58,593
Albuquerque Public Schools2023 10,898 $54,268$58,593View Details
University of New Mexico
20236,883avg: $74,169median: $59,871
University of New Mexico2023 6,883 $74,169$59,871View Details
New Mexico State University
20233,581avg: $54,015median: $44,780
New Mexico State University2023 3,581 $54,015$44,780View Details
Las Cruces Public Schools
20233,319avg: $54,531median: $58,520
Las Cruces Public Schools2023 3,319 $54,531$58,520View Details
Rio Rancho Public Schools
20232,268avg: $55,381median: $60,828
Rio Rancho Public Schools2023 2,268 $55,381$60,828View Details
Gadsden Independent Schools
20231,929avg: $50,924median: $55,070
Gadsden Independent Schools2023 1,929 $50,924$55,070View Details
Central New Mexico Community College
20231,695avg: $51,347median: $47,665
Central New Mexico Community College2023 1,695 $51,347$47,665View Details
Santa Fe Public Schools
20231,566avg: $56,528median: $62,013
Santa Fe Public Schools2023 1,566 $56,528$62,013View Details
Gallup McKinley County Schools
20231,522avg: $52,315median: $49,145
Gallup McKinley County Schools2023 1,522 $52,315$49,145View Details
Farmington Municipal Schools
20231,385avg: $53,545median: $56,430
Farmington Municipal Schools2023 1,385 $53,545$56,430View Details
Hobbs Municipal Schools
20231,329avg: $52,870median: $46,534
Hobbs Municipal Schools2023 1,329 $52,870$46,534View Details
Clovis Municipal School District
20231,197avg: $46,959median: $39,554
Clovis Municipal School District2023 1,197 $46,959$39,554View Details
Roswell Independent School District
20231,174avg: $61,143median: $66,235
Roswell Independent School District2023 1,174 $61,143$66,235View Details
Los Lunas Public Schools
20231,125avg: $54,936median: $56,020
Los Lunas Public Schools2023 1,125 $54,936$56,020View Details
Central Consolidated School District
2023943avg: $56,329median: $55,693
Central Consolidated School District2023 943 $56,329$55,693View Details
Carlsbad Municipal Schools
2023901avg: $58,232median: $58,840
Carlsbad Municipal Schools2023 901 $58,232$58,840View Details
Deming Public School District
2023864avg: $44,522median: $30,993
Deming Public School District2023 864 $44,522$30,993View Details
Alamogordo Public Schools
2023790avg: $48,733median: $47,641
Alamogordo Public Schools2023 790 $48,733$47,641View Details
San Juan College
2023778avg: $38,052median: $33,465
San Juan College2023 778 $38,052$33,465View Details
Eastern New Mexico University
2023723avg: $50,538median: $44,608
Eastern New Mexico University2023 723 $50,538$44,608View Details