Fire Protection Salaries

Fire Protection Payrolls

Fire Protection NameStateEmployees NumberAverage Salary
Aberdeen Twp Fire Dist 2
NJ2018employees: 2average:$59,290
Aberdeen Twp Fire Dist 2NJ 2 $59,290View Salaries
Aberdeen Twp Fire District 1
NJ2018employees: 3average:$82,576
Aberdeen Twp Fire District 1NJ 3 $82,576View Salaries
Addison Fire Prot Dist 1
IL2018employees: 6average:$68,441
Addison Fire Prot Dist 1IL 6 $68,441View Salaries
Ak Chin Indian Comm Fire Dept
AZ2017employees: 34average:$57,804
Ak Chin Indian Comm Fire DeptAZ 34 $57,804View Salaries
Alamance Comm Fire Dist
NC2017employees: 9average:$43,844
Alamance Comm Fire DistNC 9 $43,844View Salaries
Algnqn/Lake Hills Fire Prot Dt
IL2018employees: 4average:$33,066
Algnqn/Lake Hills Fire Prot DtIL 4 $33,066View Salaries
Allenstown - Emp/Fire/Pol
NH2018employees: 31average:$46,706
Allenstown - Emp/Fire/PolNH 31 $46,706View Salaries
Alton - Emp/Fire/Pol
NH2018employees: 56average:$49,732
Alton - Emp/Fire/PolNH 56 $49,732View Salaries
Alva Fire And Rescue Service Dist
FL2017employees: 11average:$40,080
Alva Fire And Rescue Service DistFL 11 $40,080View Salaries
Amherst - Fire/Pol
NH2018employees: 22average:$74,132
Amherst - Fire/PolNH 22 $74,132View Salaries
Amity Fire Protection
IN2014employees: 3average:$493
Amity Fire ProtectionIN 3 $493View Salaries
Amity Fire Protection (johnson)
IN2016employees: 3average:$521
Amity Fire Protection (johnson)IN 3 $521View Salaries
Antonia Fire Protection Dist
MO2017employees: 36average:$35,631
Antonia Fire Protection DistMO 36 $35,631View Salaries
Aptos/La Selva Fire Protection Agency
CA2018employees: 40average:$109,156
Aptos/La Selva Fire Protection AgencyCA 40 $109,156View Salaries
Arizona Fire And Medical Authority
AZ2017employees: 102average:$54,512
Arizona Fire And Medical AuthorityAZ 102 $54,512View Salaries
Auburn - Emp/Fire/Pol
NH2018employees: 22average:$57,985
Auburn - Emp/Fire/PolNH 22 $57,985View Salaries
Aurora Fire
CO2018employees: 447average:$70,023
Aurora FireCO 447 $70,023View Salaries
Ausable Chester Kees Fire Dist
NY2018employees: 5average:$3,870
Ausable Chester Kees Fire DistNY 5 $3,870View Salaries
Barnstead - Emp/Fire/Pol
NH2018employees: 26average:$38,825
Barnstead - Emp/Fire/PolNH 26 $38,825View Salaries
Barrington - Emp/Pol/Fire
NH2018employees: 41average:$48,458
Barrington - Emp/Pol/FireNH 41 $48,458View Salaries
Barrington Countryside Fire Pr
IL2015employees: 1average:$64,553
Barrington Countryside Fire PrIL 1 $64,553View Salaries
Barrington Fire Dept. (20 Plan)
RI2018employees: 1average:$67,427
Barrington Fire Dept. (20 Plan)RI 1 $67,427View Salaries
Barrington Fire Dept. (25 Plan)
RI2018employees: 27average:$62,371
Barrington Fire Dept. (25 Plan)RI 27 $62,371View Salaries
Bartlett - Fire/Pol
NH2018employees: 7average:$34,173
Bartlett - Fire/PolNH 7 $34,173View Salaries
Bartlett/Countryside Fire P.D.
IL2018employees: 3average:$56,118
Bartlett/Countryside Fire P.D.IL 3 $56,118View Salaries
Battlefield Fire Protection Dist
MO2017employees: 42average:$39,386
Battlefield Fire Protection DistMO 42 $39,386View Salaries
Bayshore Fire Protection And Rescue Service Dist
FL2017employees: 11average:$72,110
Bayshore Fire Protection And Rescue Service DistFL 11 $72,110View Salaries
Beach Park Fire Prot District
IL2018employees: 1average:$61,898
Beach Park Fire Prot DistrictIL 1 $61,898View Salaries
Beaver Dam/Littlefield Fire Dist.
AZ2017employees: 3average:$111,695
Beaver Dam/Littlefield Fire Dist.AZ 3 $111,695View Salaries
Beckwourth Fire Protection District
CA2021employees: 14average:$19,316
Beckwourth Fire Protection DistrictCA 14 $19,316View Salaries
Bedford - Emp/Fire/Pol
NH2018employees: 155average:$62,774
Bedford - Emp/Fire/PolNH 155 $62,774View Salaries
Belgium Cold Springs Fire Dis
NY2018employees: 3average:$52,066
Belgium Cold Springs Fire DisNY 3 $52,066View Salaries
Belmont - Emp/Fire/Pol
NH2018employees: 63average:$48,085
Belmont - Emp/Fire/PolNH 63 $48,085View Salaries
Bennett Valley Fire Protection District
CA2018employees: 9average:$24,710
Bennett Valley Fire Protection DistrictCA 9 $24,710View Salaries
Bensenville Fire Prot Dist #2
IL2018employees: 1average:$107,121
Bensenville Fire Prot Dist #2IL 1 $107,121View Salaries
Berlin - Emp/Fire/Pol
NH2018employees: 119average:$50,064
Berlin - Emp/Fire/PolNH 119 $50,064View Salaries
Beulah Fire Protection & Ambulance District
CO2018employees: 1average:$58,488
Beulah Fire Protection & Ambulance DistrictCO 1 $58,488View Salaries
Big Bear Fire Authority
CA2019employees: 86average:$132,602
Big Bear Fire AuthorityCA 86 $132,602View Salaries
Big Corkscrew Island Fire & Rescue
FL2015employees: 1average:$24,462
Big Corkscrew Island Fire & RescueFL 1 $24,462View Salaries
Big Mountain Fire District
MT2017employees: 8average:$33,680
Big Mountain Fire DistrictMT 8 $33,680View Salaries
Big Pine Fire Protection District
CA2021employees: 49average:$8,226
Big Pine Fire Protection DistrictCA 49 $8,226View Salaries
Black Forest Fire Rescue
CO2018employees: 14average:$50,902
Black Forest Fire RescueCO 14 $50,902View Salaries
Black Hawk Fire
CO2018employees: 19average:$81,977
Black Hawk FireCO 19 $81,977View Salaries
Bloomingdale Fire Prot Dist 1
IL2018employees: 3average:$73,333
Bloomingdale Fire Prot Dist 1IL 3 $73,333View Salaries
Blue Ridge Fire Department
NC2017employees: 11average:$47,898
Blue Ridge Fire DepartmentNC 11 $47,898View Salaries
Boone Co Fire Protection District
MO2017employees: 23average:$71,237
Boone Co Fire Protection DistrictMO 23 $71,237View Salaries
Bordentown Twp Fire District 2
NJ2018employees: 14average:$61,519
Bordentown Twp Fire District 2NJ 14 $61,519View Salaries
Borrego Springs Fire Protection District
CA2019employees: 17average:$815
Borrego Springs Fire Protection DistrictCA 17 $815View Salaries
Boulder Fire
CO2018employees: 116average:$93,789
Boulder FireCO 116 $93,789View Salaries
Bow - Emp/Fire/Pol
NH2018employees: 58average:$53,514
Bow - Emp/Fire/PolNH 58 $53,514View Salaries
Branciforte Fire Protection District
CA2019employees: 26average:$17,065
Branciforte Fire Protection DistrictCA 26 $17,065View Salaries
Brentwood - Emp/Fire/Pol
NH2018employees: 20average:$45,631
Brentwood - Emp/Fire/PolNH 20 $45,631View Salaries
Brick Township Fire Dist 2
NJ2018employees: 3average:$7,000
Brick Township Fire Dist 2NJ 3 $7,000View Salaries
Brick Twp Fire District 1
NJ2018employees: 1average:$7,000
Brick Twp Fire District 1NJ 1 $7,000View Salaries
Brick Twp Joint Bd Of Fire Com
NJ2018employees: 9average:$54,388
Brick Twp Joint Bd Of Fire ComNJ 9 $54,388View Salaries
Brighton Fire Dist
NY2018employees: 35average:$84,767
Brighton Fire DistNY 35 $84,767View Salaries
Bristol - Emp/Fire/Pol
NH2018employees: 39average:$50,610
Bristol - Emp/Fire/PolNH 39 $50,610View Salaries
Bristol Fire Dept.
RI2018employees: 3average:$52,160
Bristol Fire Dept.RI 3 $52,160View Salaries
Bristol-Kendall Fire Prot Dist
IL2018employees: 1average:$81,474
Bristol-Kendall Fire Prot DistIL 1 $81,474View Salaries
Brookline - Emp/Fire/Pol
NH2018employees: 20average:$61,085
Brookline - Emp/Fire/PolNH 20 $61,085View Salaries