Utah State Employee Salaries

We have 262,355 Utah employee salaries in our database. Average government employee salary in Utah is $34,876 and median salary is $14,122. Look up Utah public employee salaries by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in Salt Lake City by school name or teacher name.

Utah Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
University of Utah
202235,352avg: $60,343median: $40,827
University of Utah2022 35,352 $60,343$40,827View Details
Davis School District
202224,325avg: $22,647median: $1,082
Davis School District2022 24,325 $22,647$1,082View Details
Salt Lake City School District
202211,422avg: $20,077median: $3,230
Salt Lake City School District2022 11,422 $20,077$3,230View Details
Alpine School District
202210,989avg: $37,021median: $23,757
Alpine School District2022 10,989 $37,021$23,757View Details
Jordan School District
202210,776avg: $25,737median: $10,284
Jordan School District2022 10,776 $25,737$10,284View Details
Ogden School District
20229,332avg: $9,035median: $377
Ogden School District2022 9,332 $9,035$377View Details
Granite School District
20229,193avg: $59,318median: $48,276
Granite School District2022 9,193 $59,318$48,276View Details
Washington County School District
20227,962avg: $31,626median: $9,556
Washington County School District2022 7,962 $31,626$9,556View Details
Utah State University
20227,622avg: $36,373median: $20,741
Utah State University2022 7,622 $36,373$20,741View Details
Canyons School District
20226,747avg: $44,083median: $16,862
Canyons School District2022 6,747 $44,083$16,862View Details
Utah Valley University
20226,165avg: $29,323median: $13,217
Utah Valley University2022 6,165 $29,323$13,217View Details
Weber School District
20226,017avg: $29,973median: $16,719
Weber School District2022 6,017 $29,973$16,719View Details
Nebo School District
20225,136avg: $34,653median: $22,019
Nebo School District2022 5,136 $34,653$22,019View Details
Salt Lake Community College
20223,973avg: $27,639median: $15,350
Salt Lake Community College2022 3,973 $27,639$15,350View Details
Cache County School District
20223,870avg: $38,618median: $12,528
Cache County School District2022 3,870 $38,618$12,528View Details
Salt Lake City
20223,853avg: $61,035median: $61,630
Salt Lake City2022 3,853 $61,035$61,630View Details
Weber State University
20223,135avg: $39,190median: $27,972
Weber State University2022 3,135 $39,190$27,972View Details
South Sanpete School District
20222,930avg: $9,681median: $1,084
South Sanpete School District2022 2,930 $9,681$1,084View Details
Iron County School District
20222,884avg: $18,582median: $4,713
Iron County School District2022 2,884 $18,582$4,713View Details
San Juan School District
20222,863avg: $12,351median: $1,307
San Juan School District2022 2,863 $12,351$1,307View Details