Utah State Employee Salaries

We have 127,830 Utah employee salaries in our database. Average government employee salary in Utah is $43,320 and median salary is $18,138. Look up Utah public employee salaries by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in Salt Lake City by school name or teacher name.

Utah Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Davis School District
202312,477avg: $46,726median: $16,879
Davis School District2023 12,477 $46,726$16,879View Details
Alpine School District
202311,308avg: $41,380median: $26,711
Alpine School District2023 11,308 $41,380$26,711View Details
Granite School District
20239,106avg: $61,291median: $52,499
Granite School District2023 9,106 $61,291$52,499View Details
Canyons School District
20236,907avg: $45,496median: $17,039
Canyons School District2023 6,907 $45,496$17,039View Details
Ogden School District
20235,102avg: $14,897median: $1,182
Ogden School District2023 5,102 $14,897$1,182View Details
Washington County School District
20234,835avg: $58,122median: $48,825
Washington County School District2023 4,835 $58,122$48,825View Details
Salt Lake City School District
20234,051avg: $59,771median: $42,496
Salt Lake City School District2023 4,051 $59,771$42,496View Details
Salt Lake City
20232,946avg: $69,885median: $72,167
Salt Lake City2023 2,946 $69,885$72,167View Details
Provo City School District
20232,533avg: $34,792median: $18,570
Provo City School District2023 2,533 $34,792$18,570View Details
Tooele County School District
20232,448avg: $42,422median: $32,336
Tooele County School District2023 2,448 $42,422$32,336View Details
Box Elder School District
20232,204avg: $46,641median: $26,368
Box Elder School District2023 2,204 $46,641$26,368View Details
City of Provo
20232,057avg: $40,022median: $6,368
City of Provo2023 2,057 $40,022$6,368View Details
City of St. George
20231,618avg: $53,177median: $25,047
City of St. George2023 1,618 $53,177$25,047View Details
City of Lehi
20231,503avg: $20,385median: $3,900
City of Lehi2023 1,503 $20,385$3,900View Details
City of Orem
20231,468avg: $37,943median: $6,640
City of Orem2023 1,468 $37,943$6,640View Details
City of West Valley
20231,305avg: $64,646median: $55,493
City of West Valley2023 1,305 $64,646$55,493View Details
Murray City School District
20231,236avg: $33,047median: $14,937
Murray City School District2023 1,236 $33,047$14,937View Details
City of Spanish Fork
20231,179avg: $28,013median: $2,394
City of Spanish Fork2023 1,179 $28,013$2,394View Details
City of Sandy
20231,174avg: $59,592median: $20,863
City of Sandy2023 1,174 $59,592$20,863View Details
Uintah School District
20231,120avg: $38,451median: $29,569
Uintah School District2023 1,120 $38,451$29,569View Details