Avarage Salary
based on 15 payrolls
Number of People By Income
$10k - $44k
$44k - $79k
$79k - $113k
$113k - $147k
$147k - $181k
$181k - $216k
$216k - $250k
$250k - $284k
$284k - $319k
$319k - $353k

Administration - employees list 15

James Griffith D
Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital District, CA$482,862
James Griffith DCASalinas Valley Memorial Hospital District$482,862View Details
Amber Bock
School District of Westborough, MA$352,965
Amber BockMASchool District of Westborough$352,965View Details
Daniel Mayer
School District of Westborough, MA$291,841
Daniel MayerMASchool District of Westborough$291,841View Details
Stephen Donovan
Town of Acushnet, MA$279,096
Stephen DonovanMATown of Acushnet$279,096View Details
Irene Oliver M
School District of Westborough, MA$265,900
Irene Oliver MMASchool District of Westborough$265,900View Details
Anthea Hansen
Del Puerto Water District, CA$256,596
Anthea HansenCADel Puerto Water District$256,596View Details
Johanna Dicarlo
School District of Westborough, MA$247,351
Johanna DicarloMASchool District of Westborough$247,351View Details
Sherrie Stevens
School District of Westborough, MA$246,789
Sherrie StevensMASchool District of Westborough$246,789View Details
Jonathan Green K
School District of Westborough, MA$236,984
Jonathan Green KMASchool District of Westborough$236,984View Details
Mary Jean Goodnow
Mary Jean GoodnowMIDELTA COLLEGE$218,741View Details
Larry Nybladh P
Grand Forks 1, ND$217,413
Larry Nybladh PNDGrand Forks 1$217,413View Details
Marcus Robinson
Charles A. Tindley Accelerated School, IN$215,000
Marcus Robinson INCharles A. Tindley Accelerated School$215,000View Details
Kelly Sciacca D
School District of Westborough, MA$213,021
Kelly Sciacca DMASchool District of Westborough$213,021View Details
Julie Hackett
City Of Taunton, MA$211,582
Julie HackettMACity Of Taunton$211,582View Details
Tamara Uselman J
Bismarck 1, ND$209,640
Tamara Uselman JNDBismarck 1$209,640View Details
Christopher Oliver D
Town Of Acushnet, MA$209,226
Christopher Oliver DMATown Of Acushnet$209,226View Details
Mary Jean Goodnow
Mary Jean GoodnowMIDELTA COLLEGE$206,340View Details
Kristin Flynn L
Town Of Acushnet, MA$206,004
Kristin Flynn LMATown Of Acushnet$206,004View Details
Andre Ravenelle R
City Of Fitchburg, MA$203,229
Andre Ravenelle RMACity Of Fitchburg$203,229View Details
Sandra Barboza A
Town Of Acushnet, MA$203,004
Sandra Barboza AMATown Of Acushnet$203,004View Details
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