Annual Educational Para Salary

What is the salary of an Annual Educational Para? In the United States, an Annual Educational Para earns an average salary of $34,492. The salary range for an Annual Educational Para is usually between $28,650 and $37,565 per year, representing the 25th to 75th percentiles respectively. The top 10% of earners, that is the 90th percentile, have an annual salary of $39,291. The highest Annual Educational Para salary in the United States was $55,670. The average hourly pay for an Annual Educational Para is $16.58.

Employers paying the highest salary for an Annual Educational Para job are I.s. 528 - Manhattan (NY), P.s. 194 - Manhattan (NY) and I.s. 88 - Manhattan (NY).

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Annual Educational Para Salary Statistics


Top Paid Annual Educational Para

Nicole Peay D
Alternative Learning Center -, NY
Nicole Peay DNYAlternative Learning Center -View Details
Aime Bien Magala
P.s. 316 - Brooklyn, NY
Aime Bien MagalaNYP.s. 316 - BrooklynView Details
Joseph Santaniello
P.s. 29 - Staten Island, NY
Joseph SantanielloNYP.s. 29 - Staten IslandView Details
Michael Bueti B
P.s. 722 (otc) - Staten Island, NY
Michael Bueti BNYP.s. 722 (otc) - Staten IslandView Details
Laly Baez
P.s. 178 - Bronx, NY
Laly BaezNYP.s. 178 - BronxView Details
Marissa Colangelo
P.s. 179 - Queens, NY
Marissa ColangeloNYP.s. 179 - QueensView Details
Simone Harris
P.s. 43 - Queens, NY
Simone HarrisNYP.s. 43 - QueensView Details
Danielle Bianculli N
P.s. 196 - Brooklyn, NY
Danielle Bianculli NNYP.s. 196 - BrooklynView Details
Diana Gonzalez
I.s. 118 - Manhattan, NY
Diana GonzalezNYI.s. 118 - ManhattanView Details
Rosanna Soto
P.s. 178 - Bronx, NY
Rosanna SotoNYP.s. 178 - BronxView Details
Cassandra Paolo De
I.s. 75 - Staten Island, NY
Cassandra Paolo DeNYI.s. 75 - Staten IslandView Details
Jova Escobar G
P.s. 219 - Queens, NY
Jova Escobar GNYP.s. 219 - QueensView Details
Allen Taqoya N
P.s. 260 - Brooklyn, NY
Allen Taqoya NNYP.s. 260 - BrooklynView Details
Noelle Carbone
I.s. 61 - Staten Island, NY
Noelle CarboneNYI.s. 61 - Staten IslandView Details
Naiomie Gonzalez
M.s./h.s. 270 - Bronx, NY
Naiomie GonzalezNYM.s./h.s. 270 - BronxView Details
Natasha Thomas V
P.s. 35 (old 58/mnht Hs) - M, NY
Natasha Thomas VNYP.s. 35 (old 58/mnht Hs) - MView Details
Yali Weng
Flushing Hs - Q, NY
Yali WengNYFlushing Hs - QView Details
Deja Vann T
P.s. 178 - Bronx, NY
Deja Vann TNYP.s. 178 - BronxView Details
Rossi Saldana M
P.s. 178 - Bronx, NY
Rossi Saldana MNYP.s. 178 - BronxView Details
Katrina Long A
Alternative Learning Center -, NY
Katrina Long ANYAlternative Learning Center -View Details