Assistant Principal

Avarage Salary
based on 45 payrolls
Number of People By Income
$10k - $40k
$40k - $70k
$70k - $99k
$99k - $129k
$129k - $159k
$159k - $189k
$189k - $218k
$218k - $248k
$248k - $278k
$278k - $308k

Assistant Principal - employees list 45

Raquel Downing S
Dept Of Ed Pedagogical, NY$307,846
Raquel Downing SNYDept Of Ed Pedagogical$307,846View Details
Jose Martin Rivera
Point Isabel Independent School District, TX$276,924
Jose Martin RiveraTXPoint Isabel Independent School District$276,924View Details
Consuelo Trevino
Point Isabel Independent School District, TX$267,004
Consuelo TrevinoTXPoint Isabel Independent School District$267,004View Details
Linda Marie Salinas
Point Isabel Independent School District, TX$262,608
Linda Marie SalinasTXPoint Isabel Independent School District$262,608View Details
Paula Sanchez
Point Isabel Independent School District, TX$255,872
Paula SanchezTXPoint Isabel Independent School District$255,872View Details
Joseph Ponzo J
Dept Of Ed Pedagogical, NY$252,070
Joseph Ponzo JNYDept Of Ed Pedagogical$252,070View Details
Melissa Martinez
Dept Of Ed Pedagogical, NY$251,875
Melissa MartinezNYDept Of Ed Pedagogical$251,875View Details
Heather Marie Whited
Burkburnett Independent School District, TX$251,123
Heather Marie WhitedTXBurkburnett Independent School District$251,123View Details
Patrick Browne J
Dept Of Ed Pedagogical, NY$248,428
Patrick Browne JNYDept Of Ed Pedagogical$248,428View Details
Sandra Perez
Dept Of Ed Pedagogical, NY$245,439
Sandra PerezNYDept Of Ed Pedagogical$245,439View Details
Kathleen Sullivan
Fremont Union High, CA$243,454
Kathleen SullivanCAFremont Union High$243,454View Details
Michael White
Fremont Union High, CA$243,346
Michael WhiteCAFremont Union High$243,346View Details
Carlos Acevedo L
Dept Of Ed Pedagogical, NY$242,714
Carlos Acevedo LNYDept Of Ed Pedagogical$242,714View Details
Tiffany Dawn Ballard
Burkburnett Independent School District, TX$242,266
Tiffany Dawn BallardTXBurkburnett Independent School District$242,266View Details
David Erwin A
Fremont Union High, CA$242,210
David Erwin ACAFremont Union High$242,210View Details
Giacomo Rutigliano
Dept Of Ed Pedagogical, NY$240,760
Giacomo RutiglianoNYDept Of Ed Pedagogical$240,760View Details
Zoraida Hernandez
Dept Of Ed Pedagogical, NY$240,564
Zoraida HernandezNYDept Of Ed Pedagogical$240,564View Details
Andrea Riley M
Dept Of Ed Pedagogical, NY$239,531
Andrea Riley MNYDept Of Ed Pedagogical$239,531View Details
Geoffrey Wright J
Fremont Union High, CA$236,632
Geoffrey Wright JCAFremont Union High$236,632View Details
Raquel Hernandez
Dept Of Ed Pedagogical, NY$235,648
Raquel HernandezNYDept Of Ed Pedagogical$235,648View Details
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