Associate Governmental Program Analyst

Avarage Salary
based on 13,261 payrolls
Number of People By Income
$10k - $34k
$34k - $59k
$59k - $83k
$83k - $108k
$108k - $132k
$132k - $157k
$157k - $181k
$181k - $206k
$206k - $230k
$230k - $255k
Best Paid In
1. State of California , CA$93,414

Associate Governmental Program Analyst - employees list 13,261

Jill Crowley-Proulx
State of California, CA$254,841
Jill Crowley-ProulxCAState of California$254,841View Details
Kathy Spencer A
State of California, CA$244,951
Kathy Spencer ACAState of California$244,951View Details
Andrew Reel
State of California, CA$240,854
Andrew ReelCAState of California$240,854View Details
Robert Garcia
State of California, CA$238,722
Robert GarciaCAState of California$238,722View Details
David Jimenez L
State of California, CA$225,404
David Jimenez LCAState of California$225,404View Details
Yolanda Jackson
State of California, CA$223,983
Yolanda JacksonCAState of California$223,983View Details
Darryl Cabana
State of California, CA$215,656
Darryl CabanaCAState of California$215,656View Details
Julie Dingle O
State of California, CA$215,576
Julie Dingle OCAState of California$215,576View Details
Belinda Devall A
State of California, CA$214,928
Belinda Devall ACAState of California$214,928View Details
Tamara Baum M
State of California, CA$206,764
Tamara Baum MCAState of California$206,764View Details
Fred Schroeder M
State of California, CA$199,958
Fred Schroeder MCAState of California$199,958View Details
John Anderson C
State of California, CA$198,538
John Anderson CCAState of California$198,538View Details
Erica Pena
State of California, CA$194,642
Erica PenaCAState of California$194,642View Details
Lourdes T K Lo
State of California, CA$193,237
Lourdes T K LoCAState of California$193,237View Details
Patricia Lee Royer
State of California, CA$191,997
Patricia Lee RoyerCAState of California$191,997View Details
Sandra Vaught L
State of California, CA$188,918
Sandra Vaught LCAState of California$188,918View Details
Socorro Cardenas M
State of California, CA$186,781
Socorro Cardenas MCAState of California$186,781View Details
Narimon Mirza M
State of California, CA$186,601
Narimon Mirza MCAState of California$186,601View Details
Jill Crowley-Proulx
State of California, CA$186,142
Jill Crowley-ProulxCAState of California$186,142View Details
Patricia Garcia
State of California, CA$184,313
Patricia GarciaCAState of California$184,313View Details
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