Auto Body Builder and Repairer

Avarage Salary
based on 23 payrolls
Number of People By Income
$31k - $44k
$44k - $57k
$57k - $71k
$71k - $84k
$84k - $97k
$97k - $111k
$111k - $124k
$124k - $137k
$137k - $150k
$150k - $164k
Best Paid In
1. Los Angeles , CA$131,125

Auto Body Builder and Repairer - employees list 23

Masis Markabail
Los Angeles, CA$163,640
Masis MarkabailCALos Angeles$163,640View Details
Robert Young
Los Angeles, CA$162,201
Robert YoungCALos Angeles$162,201View Details
Jose Ramirez
Los Angeles, CA$155,223
Jose RamirezCALos Angeles$155,223View Details
Gary Hayakawa
Los Angeles, CA$153,536
Gary HayakawaCALos Angeles$153,536View Details
Gustavo Ramirez
Los Angeles, CA$152,478
Gustavo RamirezCALos Angeles$152,478View Details
Daniel Rivera
Los Angeles, CA$150,711
Daniel RiveraCALos Angeles$150,711View Details
David Murillo
Los Angeles, CA$143,050
David MurilloCALos Angeles$143,050View Details
Rodney Matsumoto
Los Angeles, CA$139,333
Rodney MatsumotoCALos Angeles$139,333View Details
Lance Davenport
Los Angeles, CA$139,303
Lance DavenportCALos Angeles$139,303View Details
Rudy Garcia
Los Angeles, CA$139,127
Rudy GarciaCALos Angeles$139,127View Details
Juan Orozco
Los Angeles, CA$138,085
Juan OrozcoCALos Angeles$138,085View Details
John Feller
Los Angeles, CA$136,064
John FellerCALos Angeles$136,064View Details
Hector Saldivar
Los Angeles, CA$134,041
Hector SaldivarCALos Angeles$134,041View Details
Jayden Ruiz
Los Angeles, CA$133,673
Jayden RuizCALos Angeles$133,673View Details
Jose Figueroa
Los Angeles, CA$133,513
Jose FigueroaCALos Angeles$133,513View Details
James Simpson
Los Angeles, CA$130,701
James SimpsonCALos Angeles$130,701View Details
Jose Arteaga Vazquez
Los Angeles, CA$130,554
Jose Arteaga VazquezCALos Angeles$130,554View Details
Myron Drum
Los Angeles, CA$130,505
Myron DrumCALos Angeles$130,505View Details
Andrew Fuentes
Los Angeles, CA$127,075
Andrew FuentesCALos Angeles$127,075View Details
Cesar Garza
Los Angeles, CA$126,984
Cesar GarzaCALos Angeles$126,984View Details
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