Boston Fire Department - Fire Fighter

Avarage Salary
based on 792 payrolls
Number of People By Income
$11k - $33k
$33k - $55k
$55k - $77k
$77k - $99k
$99k - $121k
$121k - $143k
$143k - $165k
$165k - $187k
$187k - $209k
$209k - $231k
Best Paid In
1. City of Boston , MA$117,906

Boston Fire Department - Fire Fighter - employees list 792

Nicholas Clifford J
City of Boston, MA$230,724
Nicholas Clifford JMACity of Boston$230,724View Details
Theron Houlder S
City of Boston, MA$201,546
Theron Houlder SMACity of Boston$201,546View Details
Daniel Mahoney B
City of Boston, MA$185,983
Daniel Mahoney BMACity of Boston$185,983View Details
Eric Brown L
City of Boston, MA$185,922
Eric Brown LMACity of Boston$185,922View Details
James Cooley
City of Boston, MA$183,241
James CooleyMACity of Boston$183,241View Details
Michael John Szwanke
City of Boston, MA$179,548
Michael John SzwankeMACity of Boston$179,548View Details
James Creed
City of Boston, MA$178,661
James CreedMACity of Boston$178,661View Details
Lowe Michael Blake
City of Boston, MA$177,760
Lowe Michael BlakeMACity of Boston$177,760View Details
David Blaides R
City of Boston, MA$175,924
David Blaides RMACity of Boston$175,924View Details
David Kevin Stock
City of Boston, MA$175,021
David Kevin StockMACity of Boston$175,021View Details
Shannon Blair R
City of Boston, MA$170,981
Shannon Blair RMACity of Boston$170,981View Details
Luis Palermo A
City of Boston, MA$170,304
Luis Palermo AMACity of Boston$170,304View Details
Derek Fowler L
City of Boston, MA$169,395
Derek Fowler LMACity of Boston$169,395View Details
Timothy Frederick Goddard
City of Boston, MA$168,485
Timothy Frederick GoddardMACity of Boston$168,485View Details
Melvin Ashley E
City of Boston, MA$167,594
Melvin Ashley EMACity of Boston$167,594View Details
Leroy James C
City of Boston, MA$167,000
Leroy James CMACity of Boston$167,000View Details
Jarvon Tyrance Corbett
City of Boston, MA$166,509
Jarvon Tyrance CorbettMACity of Boston$166,509View Details
Rodney Herbin
City of Boston, MA$165,646
Rodney HerbinMACity of Boston$165,646View Details
William O'sullivan B
City of Boston, MA$165,401
William O'sullivan BMACity of Boston$165,401View Details
Louis Charles Debenedictis
City of Boston, MA$165,118
Louis Charles DebenedictisMACity of Boston$165,118View Details
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