Boston Fire Department - Fire Lieutenant

Avarage Salary
based on 154 payrolls
Number of People By Income
$108k - $115k
$115k - $122k
$122k - $129k
$129k - $136k
$136k - $143k
$143k - $150k
$150k - $157k
$157k - $164k
$164k - $171k
$171k - $178k
Best Paid In
1. City of Boston , MA$147,451

Boston Fire Department - Fire Lieutenant - employees list 154

Glen Campbell A
City of Boston, MA$178,420
Glen Campbell AMACity of Boston$178,420View Details
Christopher Corwin
City of Boston, MA$177,373
Christopher CorwinMACity of Boston$177,373View Details
Brian Sellon
City of Boston, MA$176,859
Brian SellonMACity of Boston$176,859View Details
Christopher George Egan
City of Boston, MA$175,196
Christopher George EganMACity of Boston$175,196View Details
John Kelly F
City of Boston, MA$171,488
John Kelly FMACity of Boston$171,488View Details
Freeman Clydies
City of Boston, MA$170,440
Freeman ClydiesMACity of Boston$170,440View Details
James Michael Mccarthy
City of Boston, MA$167,649
James Michael MccarthyMACity of Boston$167,649View Details
Douglas Philip Menard
City of Boston, MA$167,387
Douglas Philip MenardMACity of Boston$167,387View Details
Lawrence Macdougall P
City of Boston, MA$165,800
Lawrence Macdougall PMACity of Boston$165,800View Details
Michael Guilfoyle E
City of Boston, MA$165,263
Michael Guilfoyle EMACity of Boston$165,263View Details
John Kilroe M
City of Boston, MA$164,030
John Kilroe MMACity of Boston$164,030View Details
Steven Mitchell J
City of Boston, MA$163,207
Steven Mitchell JMACity of Boston$163,207View Details
Shawn Joseph Hardiman
City of Boston, MA$162,810
Shawn Joseph HardimanMACity of Boston$162,810View Details
Edward Gottwald
City of Boston, MA$162,782
Edward GottwaldMACity of Boston$162,782View Details
Michael Dunnigan P
City of Boston, MA$162,626
Michael Dunnigan PMACity of Boston$162,626View Details
Sean O'brien M
City of Boston, MA$161,957
Sean O'brien MMACity of Boston$161,957View Details
Shawn Donovan M
City of Boston, MA$161,793
Shawn Donovan MMACity of Boston$161,793View Details
Willie Harris K
City of Boston, MA$161,398
Willie Harris KMACity of Boston$161,398View Details
David Mahoney P
City of Boston, MA$161,187
David Mahoney PMACity of Boston$161,187View Details
John Flowers A
City of Boston, MA$160,485
John Flowers AMACity of Boston$160,485View Details
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