Boston Police Department - Police Officer

Avarage Salary
based on 1,277 payrolls
Number of People By Income
$11k - $36k
$36k - $62k
$62k - $88k
$88k - $114k
$114k - $140k
$140k - $166k
$166k - $191k
$191k - $217k
$217k - $243k
$243k - $269k
Best Paid In
1. City of Boston , MA$132,862

Boston Police Department - Police Officer - employees list 1,277

Jose Acosta L
City of Boston, MA$269,004
Jose Acosta LMACity of Boston$269,004View Details
Jeffery Driscoll M
City of Boston, MA$267,782
Jeffery Driscoll MMACity of Boston$267,782View Details
Francis Garcia N
City of Boston, MA$261,257
Francis Garcia NMACity of Boston$261,257View Details
Albert Christie C
City of Boston, MA$260,032
Albert Christie CMACity of Boston$260,032View Details
Ismael Almeida Lopes
City of Boston, MA$259,096
Ismael Almeida LopesMACity of Boston$259,096View Details
Richard Kelley J
City of Boston, MA$255,405
Richard Kelley JMACity of Boston$255,405View Details
Paul Downey J
City of Boston, MA$249,976
Paul Downey JMACity of Boston$249,976View Details
Andrell Jones J
City of Boston, MA$247,601
Andrell Jones JMACity of Boston$247,601View Details
Bruce Kwong
City of Boston, MA$243,427
Bruce KwongMACity of Boston$243,427View Details
Jose Ruiz A
City of Boston, MA$242,414
Jose Ruiz AMACity of Boston$242,414View Details
Curtis Jones A
City of Boston, MA$241,709
Curtis Jones AMACity of Boston$241,709View Details
Daniel Greene C
City of Boston, MA$240,740
Daniel Greene CMACity of Boston$240,740View Details
Keith Monahan
City of Boston, MA$240,738
Keith MonahanMACity of Boston$240,738View Details
Cleveland Burwell A
City of Boston, MA$238,706
Cleveland Burwell AMACity of Boston$238,706View Details
Evon Burke F
City of Boston, MA$238,533
Evon Burke FMACity of Boston$238,533View Details
Craig Jones D
City of Boston, MA$238,191
Craig Jones DMACity of Boston$238,191View Details
Benny Lee B
City of Boston, MA$233,227
Benny Lee BMACity of Boston$233,227View Details
Calvin Belfon
City of Boston, MA$231,246
Calvin BelfonMACity of Boston$231,246View Details
James Kenneally B
City of Boston, MA$228,430
James Kenneally BMACity of Boston$228,430View Details
Jay Tarus Jefferson
City of Boston, MA$227,554
Jay Tarus JeffersonMACity of Boston$227,554View Details
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