Bps Special Education - Teacher

Avarage Salary
based on 272 payrolls
Number of People By Income
$12k - $24k
$24k - $37k
$37k - $49k
$49k - $61k
$61k - $73k
$73k - $85k
$85k - $97k
$97k - $109k
$109k - $121k
$121k - $133k
Best Paid In
1. City of Boston , MA$83,486

Bps Special Education - Teacher - employees list 272

Jean Watts C
City of Boston, MA$133,154
Jean Watts CMACity of Boston$133,154View Details
Ann Kinnie J
City of Boston, MA$115,899
Ann Kinnie JMACity of Boston$115,899View Details
Rebecca Hart K
City of Boston, MA$115,896
Rebecca Hart KMACity of Boston$115,896View Details
Andrea Higgins D
City of Boston, MA$112,745
Andrea Higgins DMACity of Boston$112,745View Details
Martinez Christie Hidalgo M
City of Boston, MA$110,672
Martinez Christie Hidalgo MMACity of Boston$110,672View Details
Aubrey Rubin E F
City of Boston, MA$109,195
Aubrey Rubin E FMACity of Boston$109,195View Details
Wendelyn Carruthers N
City of Boston, MA$108,674
Wendelyn Carruthers NMACity of Boston$108,674View Details
Randi-lyn Scheffler
City of Boston, MA$108,546
Randi-lyn SchefflerMACity of Boston$108,546View Details
Lisa Pierce-goldstein
City of Boston, MA$108,306
Lisa Pierce-goldsteinMACity of Boston$108,306View Details
Nancy Barnett B
City of Boston, MA$107,598
Nancy Barnett BMACity of Boston$107,598View Details
Sara Thedinga E
City of Boston, MA$107,572
Sara Thedinga EMACity of Boston$107,572View Details
Maritza Agrait
City of Boston, MA$107,263
Maritza AgraitMACity of Boston$107,263View Details
Melissa Lopes J
City of Boston, MA$107,172
Melissa Lopes JMACity of Boston$107,172View Details
Anne Kimberly Lee
City of Boston, MA$107,136
Anne Kimberly LeeMACity of Boston$107,136View Details
Lauren Alberts S
City of Boston, MA$106,932
Lauren Alberts SMACity of Boston$106,932View Details
Soultana Gulbinas T
City of Boston, MA$106,634
Soultana Gulbinas TMACity of Boston$106,634View Details
Marion Sitomer
City of Boston, MA$106,499
Marion SitomerMACity of Boston$106,499View Details
Sarah Wakabayashi
City of Boston, MA$106,131
Sarah WakabayashiMACity of Boston$106,131View Details
Susan Chipchase A
City of Boston, MA$105,834
Susan Chipchase AMACity of Boston$105,834View Details
Yolanda Davila-cohen
City of Boston, MA$105,779
Yolanda Davila-cohenMACity of Boston$105,779View Details
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