Cafeteria Worker

Avarage Salary
based on 4,251 payrolls
Number of People By Income
$10k - $20k
$20k - $30k
$30k - $40k
$40k - $50k
$50k - $61k
$61k - $71k
$71k - $81k
$81k - $91k
$91k - $101k
$101k - $111k

Cafeteria Worker - employees list 4,251

Richards Jerolyn
Columbus Municipal School District, MS$263,892
Richards JerolynMSColumbus Municipal School District$263,892View Details
Ora Hibler
Tate Co School Dist, MS$111,200
Ora HiblerMSTate Co School Dist$111,200View Details
Alexis Alexander
Yazoo City Municipal School Dist, MS$109,901
Alexis AlexanderMSYazoo City Municipal School Dist$109,901View Details
Andy Topp
Pontotoc City Schools, MS$101,789
Andy ToppMSPontotoc City Schools$101,789View Details
Nina Poole
Hattiesburg Public School Dist, MS$91,077
Nina PooleMSHattiesburg Public School Dist$91,077View Details
Rebecca Powell
Porterville Unified, CA$71,868
Rebecca PowellCAPorterville Unified$71,868View Details
Yolanda Cisneros
Santa Monica-Malibu Unified, CA$66,175
Yolanda CisnerosCASanta Monica-Malibu Unified$66,175View Details
Nancie Arredondo L
Visalia Unified, CA$63,425
Nancie Arredondo LCAVisalia Unified$63,425View Details
Catherine Paredes A
Borrego Springs Unified, CA$60,733
Catherine Paredes ACABorrego Springs Unified$60,733View Details
Tory Shirley S
Lauderdale Co School Dist, MS$60,690
Tory Shirley SMSLauderdale Co School Dist$60,690View Details
Tischa Ridley
Santa Monica-Malibu Unified, CA$60,567
Tischa RidleyCASanta Monica-Malibu Unified$60,567View Details
Rebecca Tomlinson
School District Of Global Learning Charter, MA$60,000
Rebecca TomlinsonMASchool District Of Global Learning Charter$60,000View Details
Cynthia Dursun
Porterville Unified, CA$59,767
Cynthia DursunCAPorterville Unified$59,767View Details
Victoria Carolina Escobar
Santa Monica-Malibu Unified, CA$58,258
Victoria Carolina EscobarCASanta Monica-Malibu Unified$58,258View Details
Tera Short
Porterville Unified, CA$57,628
Tera ShortCAPorterville Unified$57,628View Details
Herminia Fernandez
Visalia Unified, CA$57,088
Herminia FernandezCAVisalia Unified$57,088View Details
Delia Scott D
Visalia Unified, CA$56,458
Delia Scott DCAVisalia Unified$56,458View Details
Maria Marquez
Visalia Unified, CA$56,393
Maria MarquezCAVisalia Unified$56,393View Details
Patti Pledger D
Visalia Unified, CA$56,335
Patti Pledger DCAVisalia Unified$56,335View Details
Mary Ortiz C
Visalia Unified, CA$56,328
Mary Ortiz CCAVisalia Unified$56,328View Details
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