Camp Assistant

Avarage Salary
based on 32 payrolls
Number of People By Income
$0k - $1k
$1k - $2k
$2k - $3k
$3k - $4k
$4k - $5k
$5k - $6k
$6k - $7k
$7k - $8k
$8k - $9k
$9k - $10k
Best Paid In
1. Town Of Waterford , CT$1,782

Camp Assistant - employees list 32

Eric Snyder
Community College of Bucks County, PA$50,000
Eric SnyderPACommunity College of Bucks County$50,000View Details
Snyder Eric
Bucks County Community College, PA$26,500
Snyder EricPABucks County Community College$26,500View Details
Kenna Pilgrim S
San Francisco, CA$13,415
Kenna Pilgrim SCASan Francisco$13,415View Details
Alex Jones J
San Francisco, CA$12,504
Alex Jones JCASan Francisco$12,504View Details
Caley Kohl G
San Francisco, CA$10,664
Caley Kohl GCASan Francisco$10,664View Details
Thomas Kanaley J
San Francisco, CA$10,409
Thomas Kanaley JCASan Francisco$10,409View Details
Sydney Angel
San Francisco, CA$10,235
Sydney AngelCASan Francisco$10,235View Details
Joao Victor Nunes S
San Francisco, CA$10,229
Joao Victor Nunes SCASan Francisco$10,229View Details
Joshua Gibbons A
City of San Francisco, CA$9,817
Joshua Gibbons ACACity of San Francisco$9,817View Details
Patrick Burns H
City of San Francisco, CA$9,305
Patrick Burns HCACity of San Francisco$9,305View Details
Marin Scotto Uccio Di
San Francisco, CA$9,205
Marin Scotto Uccio DiCASan Francisco$9,205View Details
Brittany Champion L
San Francisco, CA$9,196
Brittany Champion LCASan Francisco$9,196View Details
Keandre Santiago L
San Francisco, CA$8,682
Keandre Santiago LCASan Francisco$8,682View Details
Sebastian Norman P
San Francisco, CA$8,667
Sebastian Norman PCASan Francisco$8,667View Details
Angelo Amoruso G
San Francisco, CA$8,335
Angelo Amoruso GCASan Francisco$8,335View Details
Rodriguez Jose-Luis
San Francisco, CA$7,905
Rodriguez Jose-LuisCASan Francisco$7,905View Details
Brian Planz J
San Francisco, CA$7,892
Brian Planz JCASan Francisco$7,892View Details
Angelo Amoruso
San Francisco, CA$7,877
Angelo AmorusoCASan Francisco$7,877View Details
Jacob Follmer D
San Francisco, CA$7,857
Jacob Follmer DCASan Francisco$7,857View Details
Jessica Cornell A
San Francisco, CA$7,821
Jessica Cornell ACASan Francisco$7,821View Details
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