Child Care Asst Site Director

Avarage Salary
based on 8 payrolls
Number of People By Income
$15k - $18k
$18k - $20k
$20k - $22k
$22k - $25k
$25k - $27k
$27k - $29k
$29k - $32k
$32k - $34k
$34k - $36k
$36k - $39k
Best Paid In
1. Howard County , MD$26,874

Child Care Asst Site Director - employees list 8

Lori Murray M
Howard County, MD$38,813
Lori Murray MMDHoward County$38,813View Details
Murray Lori M
Howard County, MD$37,069
Murray Lori MMDHoward County$37,069View Details
Lori Murray M
County of Howard, MD$35,185
Lori Murray MMDCounty of Howard$35,185View Details
Christine Bain M
County of Howard, MD$34,840
Christine Bain MMDCounty of Howard$34,840View Details
Lori Murray M
Howard County, MD$34,469
Lori Murray MMDHoward County$34,469View Details
Paul Bohn Iii F
County of Howard, MD$33,695
Paul Bohn Iii FMDCounty of Howard$33,695View Details
Marie Valerie Henson
County of Howard, MD$30,334
Marie Valerie HensonMDCounty of Howard$30,334View Details
Henson Valerie Marie
Howard County, MD$30,206
Henson Valerie MarieMDHoward County$30,206View Details
Miranda Nichole Arndt
Howard County, MD$30,182
Miranda Nichole ArndtMDHoward County$30,182View Details
John Ostermeyer P
County of Howard, MD$28,926
John Ostermeyer PMDCounty of Howard$28,926View Details
Brinda Patel B
County of Howard, MD$28,863
Brinda Patel BMDCounty of Howard$28,863View Details
Massimo Toni M
Howard County, MD$28,785
Massimo Toni MMDHoward County$28,785View Details
Young Sonja D
Howard County, MD$28,341
Young Sonja DMDHoward County$28,341View Details
Brinda Patel B
Howard County, MD$28,215
Brinda Patel BMDHoward County$28,215View Details
Matthew Whitehead A
County of Howard, MD$27,485
Matthew Whitehead AMDCounty of Howard$27,485View Details
Sonja Young D
County of Howard, MD$26,612
Sonja Young DMDCounty of Howard$26,612View Details
Deborah Mccoy T
County of Howard, MD$25,375
Deborah Mccoy TMDCounty of Howard$25,375View Details
Maria Spivey
County of Howard, MD$24,656
Maria SpiveyMDCounty of Howard$24,656View Details
Carol Donna Sawyer
County of Howard, MD$24,641
Carol Donna SawyerMDCounty of Howard$24,641View Details
Andrew Bowers S
Howard County, MD$22,707
Andrew Bowers SMDHoward County$22,707View Details
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