Correctional Lieutenant

Avarage Salary
based on 1,662 payrolls
Number of People By Income
$10k - $69k
$69k - $127k
$127k - $186k
$186k - $245k
$245k - $304k
$304k - $362k
$362k - $421k
$421k - $480k
$480k - $0.5M
$0.5M - $0.6M
Best Paid In
1. Fresno County , CA$210,575
2. Sonoma County , CA$203,636
3. Riverside County , CA$202,718
4. San Joaquin County , CA$197,193
5. Napa County , CA$184,459

Correctional Lieutenant - employees list 1,662

Davis Holt Jr
State of California, CA$597,427
Davis Holt JrCAState of California$597,427View Details
David Just L
State of California, CA$364,157
David Just LCAState of California$364,157View Details
James Middleton P III
State of California, CA$355,305
James Middleton P IIICAState of California$355,305View Details
Michael Maldonado A
State of California, CA$328,425
Michael Maldonado ACAState of California$328,425View Details
Jeffrey Nixon J
State of California, CA$317,761
Jeffrey Nixon JCAState of California$317,761View Details
Randall Rowland C
State of California, CA$315,888
Randall Rowland CCAState of California$315,888View Details
William Mathews M II
State of California, CA$315,204
William Mathews M IICAState of California$315,204View Details
Mark Micheels A
State of California, CA$307,392
Mark Micheels ACAState of California$307,392View Details
Brian Kukrall M
State of California, CA$306,055
Brian Kukrall MCAState of California$306,055View Details
Mark Ahlin J
State of California, CA$291,301
Mark Ahlin JCAState of California$291,301View Details
Welton Hershberger R
State of California, CA$290,804
Welton Hershberger RCAState of California$290,804View Details
Craig Tucker P
State of California, CA$288,923
Craig Tucker PCAState of California$288,923View Details
Mark Smith A
State of California, CA$287,475
Mark Smith ACAState of California$287,475View Details
Daniel Thomas J Jr
State of California, CA$279,411
Daniel Thomas J JrCAState of California$279,411View Details
William Mock R
State of California, CA$275,112
William Mock RCAState of California$275,112View Details
Robert Teague
San Joaquin County, CA$274,128
Robert TeagueCASan Joaquin County$274,128View Details
Frank Martinez J
State of California, CA$273,821
Frank Martinez JCAState of California$273,821View Details
Francisco Rodriguez A
State of California, CA$272,025
Francisco Rodriguez ACAState of California$272,025View Details
Michael Brown J
State of California, CA$271,876
Michael Brown JCAState of California$271,876View Details
Christopher Dean A
State of California, CA$271,022
Christopher Dean ACAState of California$271,022View Details
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